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Test Plan

Date: 02 Oct 2015, Friday
Venue: SMU
Duration: 30 mins per user
Number of Users: 21 Females

  • Determine if user interface is intuitive
  • Discover any usability problems
  • To improve application based on User Testing 2 result


  • User Module (Except View Tutorial)
  • Design Module
  • Photo Module
  • Collection Module
  • Social Module (Except View User Profile)


  • Testers will follow instructions in the questionnaire to use the app
  • Testers will fill up the questionnaire as they follow the instructions

Summary Results

  1. Many users request for a tutorial for first time users so that it will be easier for them to use the app. After using the app for a while, many agreed that it was easy to use the app once they get used to the app.
  2. Many users have problem linking "I-Want" as pre-ordering of nail polish.
  3. The average simplicity task score is quite high with an average score of >4 (out of 5).
  4. Many users have mentioned that this social media which allows users to search posts by color is an interesting concept.

Android App Metrics

Listed below are the list of metrics that are recorded during User Testing 2 that will help us improve our application.

Bug-Related Metrics

6nificance UT2 Bug Metric.png

Average User Friendliness Score

6nificance UT2 User Friendly Score.png

Average Task Simplicity Score

Each task has a "How simple is it to do *insert task's name* score. The average task simplicity score indicates how simple a task is: 1 - Too difficult to use, 5 - Very simple to use.
6nificance UT2 Simplicity Score.png 6nificance UT2 Average Task Simplicity Score.png

Users' Likes

  1. Users love the idea of the application. They think that a dedicated social media for nail art that can search by color is a cool concept and something they have never encountered before.
  2. Functions are actually easy to use once the user uses the app for awhile.
  3. Users like the genie function where you can extract colors from the photos.
  4. The 3 different color recommendation "Complement/Clash/Triad" that recommends colors that match the color that user has chosen.
  5. Design is nice.
  6. The function that allows users to save color.
  7. The function to search nail art pictures by color chosen by the user.

Users' Complains

Having a high frequency shows that many users are having the same issue, it does not necessarily mean that the team is changing the complains mentioned. The team will review the complains mentioned as well as review if the complain negatively impacts functionality or the business process before deciding to make a change.

6nificance UT2 Category for User dislikes.png

Android App Changes

6nificance UT2 Changes.png

Improvements from User Testing 1 to User Testing 2

Tasks that have been improved based on UT1 feedback that are also in UT2 are listed below. To show that our app has been made improvements from UT1, those tasks are listed down with their corresponding simplicity score.

6nificance UT1 VS UT2.png