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Project Info Technologies X-Factor Market Research

Project Description

The aim of the project is to build a new and revolutionary android mobile application that will disrupt the US$55 billion color cosmetics industry. Through our mobile application, users will be allowed to import or take any picture, select or save any color off it and pre-order nail polish of their desired color to be delivered to their doorstep!

Our mobile application also provides a new and specialized social media platform for nail art and nail polish lovers to connect and share pictures of nail art and nail polish. Users will be able to search for any nail art and nail polish posts based on any selected color. Users can also select up to 5 color tags in their pictures and add them to their post.

A back-end administrator website will also be built for the sponsor to keep track of the pre-orders, users' names, contact details and number of drops to produce nail polish of the requested color. The sponsor will also be able to mark the orders as complete or incomplete in the website. Functions such as sorting, filtering and search are provided in the website too.

Project Motivation

The range of possible colors in nail polish is virtually unlimited. However, nail polishes that are placed on retailer shelves are decided mainly by merchandising spreadsheets and numbers rather than on what color the user really wants. Therefore, this application is a revolutionary concept that provides the users with the freedom to easily make their own unique nail polish colors. Furthermore, as nail polish is one of the most followed topics in the internet and there is a lack of a dedicated social media platform for nail art and nail polish lovers, the application provides a unique opportunity for a new and specialized social network for nail art and nail polish lovers to connect and interact.

Project Scope

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