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Roles & Responsibilities Learning Outcomes Supervisor & Sponsor

Name Photo Role Learning Outcomes
Sanjay Nelagadde 6nificanceSanjay.png Project Manager I want to be able to better manage a project, to be able to develop the foresight to anticipate any obstacle and overcome any set back that I encounter along the way. There will definitely be many tight deadlines along the way but I believe I am capable of being calm and deliver the deliverables smoothly.
Ng Kiat Keng 6nificanceKiatkeng.png Quality Assurance

Deputy Project Manager

I hope to improve my approach on handling test cases so as to ensure that all different test scenarios are accounted for. Next, I would like to learn how to conduct effective and efficient testing so that I can ensure that our application will be delivered at the highest quality available.
Lim Ting Zhi 6nificanceTingZhi.png Lead Front-End Developer


I hope to be able to push my creativity skills to the next level as well as improve on my designing skills to churn out graphical designs of the highest quality. Also I will like to be able to develop the skills necessary to ensure optimal user experience for any application created.
Chua Feng Ru 6nificancefengru.png System Analyst

Deputy Front-End Developer

I hope to learn better communication skills so as to better manage communication between the front-end and the back-end as I am the bridge between both sides. Also I have to better understand the codes of both front-end and back-end so as to be able ensure seamless integration. Lastly, doing this project will allow me to learn how to align business and IT objectives.
Foo Yee Cheng 6nificanceYeeCheng.png Lead Back-End Developer I want to implement the best coding practices used by professional developers all around the world. Also, I wish to be able to learn different techniques to increase coding efficiency so that I will be able to optimize our project’s codes.
Lim Yu Xiang Bendexter 6nificancebendexter.png Deputy Back-End Developer As I have always been interested in learning new programming frameworks and languages, embarking on this project will widen my horizon. I hope to be able to develop a fully functional and useful application for our stakeholders.