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Test Plan

Date: 12 Sept 2015, Saturday
Venue: SMU
Number of Users: 4 SMU Female Students
Objectives: Conducted a hi-fi heuristic evaluation to test the UI and UX of our application. Heuristic is conducted to ensure that the design will be settled before the actual codes is implemented, so that the cost of reprogramming will not be too drastic.
Reason: Heuristic evaluation was conducted after the team decided to revamp the whole UI and UX of the app to make the app a social media centric app.

Android App Changes

Problem Changes Made Before After
1. Photo not prominent enough as the picture is not big enough. 1. Size of photo is enlarged.
6nificance (Before) High-Fi Prototype (6) - Home - All.png
High-Fi Prototype (6) - Home - All.png
1. The plus and minus signs inside the color circle is not pretty to look at.

2. Users want to be able to see the photo without the color pointer.

1. The plus and minus sign to add/remove color tags are placed at the sides.

2. Users will be toggle to remove the color printer on the screen.

6nificance (Before) High-Fi Prototype (12) - Create post - Color tagging.png
6nificance High-Fi Prototype (12) - Create post - Color tagging.png
1. Users do not use the Modify button to go to RGB/Color-Wheel page. They mainly use the back button to go back. 1. Take away the modify button.
6nificance (Before) High-Fi Prototype (20) - Color.png
6nificance High-Fi Prototype (20) - Color.png
1. Users find the Posts button not very helpful as it does not do anything. 1. Grey out the box for the Post count.
6nificance (Before) High-Fi Prototype (22) - Profile - Photos.png
6nificance High-Fi Prototype (22) - Profile - Photos.png