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Midterms Wiki

Links and Slides

Click here for 'The Ikan Bilis' Mid-Term Presentation Slides!
View our deployed Project Manager Web Tool here!

Project Progress Summary

Current Iteration: 6 (02/Feb/2015 - 22/Feb/2015)

  • Till date of 25/Feb/2015, we have completed 67% of our project
  • Next Iteration starts on 26/Feb/2015 and ends on 08/March/2015
  • Release and Deployment of our web application using MyHosting service

Project Highlights

  • Completed User Testing with 3 experienced personnel with expertise in project managing
  • 'Project Task' - Secondary feature might be dropped, else simplified
  • 1 feature added to scope
  • Steep learning curve for back-end technologies
  • Steep learning curve for project management - Gantt Chart, Burn-down Chart
  • Change in Excel File for uploading - changes the structure of database

Milestones Completed

  • Proposal Submission
  • Project Acceptance
  • User Testing 1

Milestones Remaining

  • User Testing 2
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Poster Submission
  • Final Presentation
  • Poster Day

Project Management

Project Status

Module Functionality Status Confidence Level
User Account Management
(Core Function)
Login Fully implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1
1 -
Logout Fully implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1
1 -
Forget Password Fully implemented and deployed.
Not tested
1 Able to send email for new password
Chart Management
(Core Function)
Gantt Chart Partially implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1
0.8 Need to perform minor changes to predecessor links &
need to get user feedback to ensure chart is accurate
Burn-down Chart Partially implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1
0.7 Need users validation of values
Upload/Download Project Plan Partially implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1 & UT2
0.8 A lot of validations required.
Users want to add in more data
Project Management
(Core Function)
CRUD Project Fully implemented and deployed.
1 Users only tested view & create project
but not edit and delete
Milestones Fully implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1 & UT2
1 Sara owner of function
Thermometer Chart (% complete) Fully implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1
1 Sara owner of function
Product Group Management
(Core Function)
CRUD Project Group Fully implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1
1 Louise owner of function
Access Control for Project Group To be developed in Iteration 7 0.5 Sara and Louise will work on this
Risk Management
(Core Function)
CRUD Risk Fully implemented and deployed.
User tested in UT1
1 Hanwen owner of function
Viewing of issues and risks in dashboard Partially implemented and deployed.
1 User did not test this feature, only static values was shown.
Mixed up between 'Risks' and 'Issues'. 'Issues' to be
implemented in subsequent iteration
Administration Management
(Secondary Function)
CRUD User Accounts To be developed in Iteration 7 & 8 1 Admin is only able to create user accounts
Access Control for Users To be developed in Iteration 7 0.6 Sara and Louise will work on this
Product Task Management
(Secondary Function)
CRUD Task To be developed in Iteration 7 & 8 0.6 This feature might be dropped, else simplified.
Project Plan Update Management
(Secondary Function)
CRUD Tasks Updates (excel file) To be developed in Iteration 7 & 8 0.8 -
Notification Management
(Tertiary Function)
Send Email to notify Project Manager, Team
Lead, Team Members of project changes
To be developed in Iteration 8 0.8 -

Planned Schedule Vs Actual Schedule


Iteration Planned Actual Comments
4 5 Jan - 18 Jan 5 Jan - 21 Jan Some features took longer to complete, such as burn down chart.
The concept of burn down chart was slightly harder to grasp.
Also, some team members were struggling with using Ajax
with Yii Framework because members are also new to the framework.
5 19 Jan - 1 Feb 21 Jan - 30 Jan Iteration 5 ended earlier because there was an issue
, team was not able to deploy codes onto sponsor's server.
To know more, look at risk section.
6 2 Feb - 22 Feb 2 Feb - 22 Feb Moved functionalities to Iteration 7. Decided to fully focus on
core functionality for the Iteration to ensure full
validation from sponsor. Hence, secondary functionality
is to be done next Iteration
7 26 Feb - 8 Mar 26 Feb - 8 Mar Change in tasks. Tasks carried forward from Iteration 6 to Iteration 7
8 9 Mar - 22 Mar 9 Mar - 22 Mar Decided to focus on secondary functions instead of good-to-have functions
Midterms Presentation 24 Feb 25 Feb Midterms presentation schedule changed twice.
From 24/02 to 17/02 to 25/02
User Testing TWO 9-13 Mar 9-13 Mar Added in UT2. Date TBC.

Change Management


Man Hours Calculation


Iteration Comments
3 Exam period and 4/5 members went for TSM trip,
therefore hours are low.
4 Team members had trouble with the framework, hence
functionalities were scheduled with more hours for subsequent Iterations
6 Iteration 6 has a significant increase in man hours due to UAT
and the preparation for the mid terms.


Iteration Comments
1 Non-Coding: Doing lots of research on framework, on charts, etc.
6 Coding: Pre-UAT & Post-UAT, standardization in UI.

Non-Coding: Preparation of UAT materials, collating UAT results,
supervisor and sponsor meeting, mid terms content (wiki + PowerPoint slides)

Changes in Scope


Project Metrics

Schedule Metrics

Schedule index that are within the green bar are in the safe zone.


Iteration Status Explanation
4 Underestimated Start of school and timetables of members were not confirmed
which made it hard for PM to schedule, and also members
were adjusting to school timings after the long break
5 Overestimated Team encountered a risk which turned into an issue.
The task - Integrate Codes to Server, was not carried out
as sponsor did not reply promptly to the request of
configuration details to the server. Hence Iteration was ended earlier.

Bug Metrics


Iteration Comments
4 New dataset given by sponsor and AJAX difficulties, hence accounting for more "High Point" bugs
5 Preparation for User Testing, hence accounting for more "Low Point" bugs

Project Risks

Top 3 Risks


Risk Likelihood Impact Level Mitigation Ongoing Risk?
Team Members New to Yii Framework High Medium A Schedule more working hours for each functionality to
ensure that there is time to do research on the framework
Sponsor gives new dataset or wants to put
in new data columns
High Medium A Handover functionality to another team member or schedule
more hours (OT)
MyHosting DB Change Host Name Low Low C Request for a change of host name from client or temporarily
host using another server

Technical Complexity

  • Yii PHP Framework
    • The way of constructing the coding language is totally different from purely using PHP
  • Gantt Chart
  • Burn Down Chart
  • Algorithm for Project Progress Bar
  • Date Conversion
  • Usage of JSON for Charts
  • Making sense of data from sponsor and turning it into diagrams

Non-Technical Complexity

The non-technical complexity involves the complexity of the project based on its business process and project management understanding.

  • Microsoft Project
    • This tool may seem simple to use, but in fact it is very tedious.
    • Steep learning curve for first time users
  • Gantt chart
    • Predecessors not only contains integers, but alphabets (extracted from MS Project). One has to be familiar with MS Project to be able to understand the usage of those alphabets
      • SS: Start-Start
      • SF: Start-Finish
      • FF: Finish-Finish
      • FS: Finish-Start
  • Burn down chart
    • This chart requires a lot of mathematical formulas. If a wrong variable is used for calculation, it is not possible to get the correct results.
    • Calculations:
      • Planned Value: Planned hours / date
      • Earned Value: Planned hours / date * % work completed (100% or 0%)
      • Actual Value: Scheduled work hours * % work completed (100% or 0%)

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Links
Project Management Meeting Minutes The Ikan Bilis Meeting Minutes
Schedule Metrics The Ikan Bilis Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics The Ikan Bilis Bug Metrics
Requirements Motivation The Ikan Bilis Motivation
Analysis Use Case The Ikan Bilis Use Case Diagram
Architecture Diagram

The Ikan Bilis Architecture Diagram

Functionality Diagram

The Ikan Bilis Functionality Diagram

Design UI Prototype The Ikan Bilis UI Design
Testing User test plan The Ikan Bilis Testing


View our deployed Project Manager Web Tool here!
(Hosted by MyHosting Service)

User Testing

View our first user testing here!



  • Learnt about project management
  • Learnt how to manage change specified by client
  • Learnt how to manage other projects together with FYP
  • Learnt about the important of team communication
  • Learnt new technologies and framework

Chester Cheong:

  • Learnt about technicality issues
  • Learnt how to integrate codes onto server
  • Learnt about resource allocation (burn down chart)

Lin Hanwen:

  • Learnt about the importance of quality in a system
  • Learnt how to be meticulous to draft out test cases for all possible scenarios
  • Learnt how to conduct a user acceptance testing
  • Learnt how to manage clients as a Business Analyst
  • Learnt how to understand the needs of a user

Louise Teng:

  • Learnt more about UI designing
  • Learnt about the importance of intuitiveness in a user interface

Sara Chan:

  • Learnt about managing developers as a lead developer
  • Learnt more about the setting up of a base for the system

Tricia Teo:

  • Learnt about project managing
  • Learnt about being more meticulous in planning and scheduling
  • Learnt to be more forward-looking to anticipate future risks
  • Learnt to be agile in adapting to changes and risks that has occured
  • Learnt to be appropriately pessimistic when planning a schedule
  • Learnt to pick out core strengths of each team member and allocate tasks accordingly