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User Test 1

Test Plan

Number of Users: Main Client (1 user)
Venue: Queenstown FSC
Date: 14th November 2014
Duration: 30 mins

  • Let client have a feel and understanding of the application and how to use it.
  • Ensure that we are on the right track with the application.
  • Find out usability problems of the application.
  • Receive feedback as to how to further customize the application to the client's liking.

Scope of Testing:

  • Adding, Updating and Removing Functions for Member
  • Adding, Updating and Removing for Activity
  • Taking Attendance

Testing Design

We had designed the application as she had specified to us when we first gathered requirements. As we had thought that she was the sole moderator for this application, meaning that she had compiled requirements from her colleagues, we decided to let her be the only user in this user test.

With our idea of creating a very simplistic and easy to use application, our main goal was to see if the application was easy to understand and use. We were also looking out for feedback regarding the design and layout of the application.

We chose to keep our user test to as little users as possible. In this case we focused on the sole moderator who would be in charge of overlooking the different programmes as it allows us to observe her closely as she went about the tasks. Any interesting occurrence would be noted down to see how we can further look into customizing the application for Care Corner.

Each task was allowed to be given a maximum of 10 marks in terms of the User Experience. Which was defined as the easiness to complete the task and the usability of the system in completing the task.

  • If the rating for any task was below 7, it would be noted down as a usability issue. This is due to the fact that we wanted to make sure that the application would be as easy to use as possible.
  • Any rating below 5 would have to be brought to the attention of the front end and back end developer to resolve.

Comment sections were also left behind after every section to catch any non-verbal or non-action thoughts.


User was able to complete the tasks successfully within the given time frame.


As the user scored above 7 for each of the tasks, and an overall average score of 9/10 per task, we felt that we had achieved our goal of providing a usable application that was good for the user.

Quantitative Feedback

  • Member Functions - Average Score of 9/10
    • Task 1 - 9/10, Task 2 - 9/10, Task 3 - 10/10, Task 4 - 9/10
  • Activity Functions - Average Score of 8/10
    • Task 5 - 9/10, Task 6 - 9/10, Task 7 - 8/10, Task 8 - 8/10
  • Attendance Function - Average Score of 10/10
    • Task 9 - 10/10

Qualitative Feedback

Member Functions

  • Might need additional fields, will check with other colleagues.
  • Should have a Date of Birth field that calculates age automatically.
  • Simple and easy to use.

Activity Functions

  • Might need additional fields, will check with other colleagues.
  • Should list out all activities on search page first.
  • Drop down list for all activities in the different areas.

Attendance Function

  • Barcode Scanner makes the function easy to use.
  • Need a way to view attendance.
  • Time might not be needed.

Verbal Feedback

  • Overall usability is simple and easy to use.
  • Will show it to colleagues.
  • High likelihood that more fields would be needed.


Function Based Testing

It was a good idea to test as such as it allowed us to see exactly how she felt about each function. Also the constant yes/no questions helped us see if she encountered any bugs along the way.

Interesting Occurrences

Through this User Test with the Sole Moderator, we realized we needed to liaise with her more often to understand and collect more detailed requirements. This is due to the fact that we realized that she has slightly different intentions when doing her tasks. For example, she was looking for a drop down list for activities. This was emphasized by her after the test where she told us that she would need to consult her colleagues.

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