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# Testing Organization Date Description User(s) Recipient(s) Status
1 Client and Sponsor 31 Oct 2014 Testing on basic functionality 2 7 Completed
2 PI SMU Chance 16 Jan 2015 AB Variant Test for Content Type at School Level 5 172 Completed
3 IDA (Internal Team) 13 Feb 2015 Testing on functionality, usability and UI 16 16 Completed
4A Mega Discount Store 24 March 2015 AB Variant Test for Content Type to know if the variant that is normally used is proven the best 1 546 Completed
4B SMU Chance 24 March 2015 2nd time using the system to test according to the insights gain from UT2 1 34 Completed
4C MOM CPM Department 31 March 2015 Conducted an AB Variant Content Test of 2 variants, with the employees 1 1961 Completed
4D Lian Beng Group 2 April 2015 Conducted an AB Variant Subject Title test of 2 variants, with employees 1 323 Completed
4E IDA EGOV 9 April 2015 Conducted a Regular Campaign Test with a large group of recipients 1 2066 Completed


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