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Download a copy of our test plan here: UAT 1 | UAT 2| UAT 3

User Testing 1

Goal: Re-align business requirements
No. of participants: 4 users, Age group: 25-30 years old
Date of test: 13th Feb


General Feedback:

  • Products lookup�(Products color and sizes to be under one product)
  • Registration (Validation to be more intuitive)

User Testing 2

Goal: Evaluation of usability
No. of participants: 10 users, Age group: 20-35 years old
Date of test: 23th Feb – 24th Feb


General Feedback:

  • Validations message are not in layman terms
  • Typo errors and inconsistency in fields

User Testing 3

Goal: Sampling of Kaleea’ customers
No. of participants: 15 females, Age group: 20-35 years old
Date of test: 5th April – 7th Feb



UX Testing
UX Testing: https://usabilityhub.com/do/171eae7942d1/372b
UI Testing 1: https://usabilityhub.com/do/372fc16342e9/b535
UI Testing 2: https://usabilityhub.com/do/761d2de51074/1121
UI Testing 3: https://usabilityhub.com/do/41eb8b598f10/3f09