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Activated Risks

Type of Risk Description Risk Level Mitigation
Development Risk Starteur for Educators will require results from Starteur and is sharing same database as Starteur. Delays in Starteur may impact Starteur for Educators and may delay progress. Inconsistencies will compromise on user experience. C Starteur for Educators to specify their needs early to Starteur and client. Constant communication and updates from both sides. Schedule planned ahead with possible changes in mind as well as Starteur’s development schedule. Cut-off time to pull changes from Starteur development branch.
Technical Risk RubyonRails is a new framework for development team other than Kia Yong who has experience working with it. As such, inexperience with the framework and insufficient learning time will delay development schedule and will affect quality of work produced. C Team started learning RubyOnRails once project and technology has been confirmed. Daily updates on learning with screenshots of Codeacademy progress. Highly useful reference materials identified: Rails tutorial and Rails Casts. Kia Yong acting as a mentor for team and to implement best practices for coding

Potential Risks

Type of Risk Description Risk Level Mitigation
Manpower Risk Pre-acceptance: 2 out of 4 members are on Leave of Absence for internships, thus meeting times are limited to evenings and weekends. 4 member FYP team as such manpower is limited as compared to teams with 6 members. C Team have been meeting for 2 weeknights/week and if required, weekend afternoons. Team to commit to at least 12hours/week for FYP. Ensure that project scope is reasonable within limits and tasks are also covered by another member to eliminate dependencies. Daily updates on work completed and remaining.
Communication Risk Sponsor is juggling multiple roles and will be travelling for business trips and is participating in many projects and events. As such, Sponsor may not be available when needed and may cause a delay and be a bottleneck in communication and feedback from end-users. This will impact project development as well as UATs. B Slack communication tool setup between Starteur and Starteur for Educators development team. So that team has alternative contact if Sponsor is not available. UATs to be scheduled in advance and team will contact end-users themselves and arrange for UAT while keeping Sponsor in the loop.
Scope Risk Sponsor may have difficulties pointing out what he wants due to this being a new project for him and for his company’s team. As such, sponsor may add possible functions according to his own reviews and needs. Scope creep will affect development schedule. B Transparent communication with sponsor on team’s development progress and capability. All changes to go through change management before making any decision. Expectations of client to be managed through meetings.