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Changes Made

Description Source Analysis Details
Dropping of functions: Filter users in group External Feasibility - High, Priority - Medium

1. Educators in UAT 1 reflected that these 2 functions may not be useful as students would have been sorted into the different batches and as such, there is no need for them to additionally filter or sort students.
2. Educators are generally more concerned with broad-view analysis and if there is a need for them to focus on individual students, they will prefer using the student's test report.

Adding of function: Transfer ownership Internal Feasibility - Medium, Priority - Medium

1. For client to transfer ownership of access codes generated for promotion purposes.

Adding of function: Multiple Group Report External Feasibility - Medium, Priority - High

1. Educators in UAT 1 reflected that they would like to be able to view multiple groups of student as a cohort so that they can compare how cohorts would differ from each other.

Change Track completion rate to Track status of access code External Feasibility - High, Priority - High

Educators do not need to know where their students are at in the Starteur test and prefer to know if their student has/have not completed their test, or even have an access code so that they can do something e.g. assign an access code or send a reminder.

Change of test reminder email from automated to manual External Feasibility - High, Priority - Medium

Educators want to have control over the frequency and threshold of sending out the reminder emails.

Shifting View Payment History and Generate Invoice to Payment Gateway Module Internal Feasibility - Medium, Priority - Medium

These 2 functions will only be fully completed once 3rd party payment system has been integrated.

1. Pushing back Group Report module & User Testing for Student Test Report & Group report module till after midterms
2. Moving Client Administrator (Login/Logout, Generate Access Codes) + Discount & Promotion Module forward

Internal Feasibility - High, Priority - High

Inputs for Group Report module are not ready and Starteur is not ready for integration. Thus, in order to not affect development schedule, modules that are not dependent on Starteur or any inputs were moved forward. As a result of the changes, User Testing 2's focus has been shifted on the Client Administrator + Discount & Promotion module.

Removed Generate Multiple Group Report and View Payment History Internal Feasibility - High, Priority - High

Post mid-term feedback: group would like to focus on functionalities that give the client most amount of value.

Added Audit Log & Search Functionalities for Client Administrator Module Internal Feasibility - Medium, Priority - Medium

These 2 functions were requested by client after mid-terms. After evaluation, team agreed that it is feasible and valuable to client's business needs.