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Project Manager

REALIS Jeanne-v2.png

Jeanne Sim

Responsible for:

  • Liaise with Stakeholders
  • Oversea project schedule
  • Manage project risks and mitigation plans
  • Ensure proper resource allocation

Learning outcomes:
Executing a plan is different from a planned schedule. I have to be adaptable especially when hiccups surfaced during the schedule.

Business Analyst

REALIS Jovin-v2.png

Jovin Hoon

Responsible for:

  • Conduct testing sessions
  • Ensure Stakeholder’s requirements are met
  • Oversee system testing results
  • Deals with deployment

Learning outcomes:
Translating business requirement to technical requirements was not as simple as it seems. It is a two-way collaboration approach with the stakeholders.

Technical Analyst

REALIS Boyang-v2.png

Zheng Boyang

Responsible for:

  • Back-end developer
  • Maintains PostGIS database
  • Ensures technical requirements are met

Learning outcomes:
Learning new technologies within a short period was fulfilling. This broadens my knowledge in the various development tools.

Full Developer

REALIS Yihao-v3.png

Tan Yihao

Responsible for:

  • Front-end developer for the application
  • Develop and maintain user interface
  • Ensures high client-side performance

Learning outcomes:
Solving bugs is not as straight-forward as it seems, often times, an alternative method is required to solve them when a direct solution turns out to be unsuccessful.