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User Testing 1 Venue

  • Date: 10 October 2015
  • Venue: Sterling Training Hub

User Testing 1 Objective

  • Determine if user interface is intuitive
  • Discover usability problem which users might face

Scope of UT 1

  • Administrator's Portal
    • CRUD courses
    • CRUD classes
    • CRUD facilities
    • Reset password
    • Individual registration
    • Download course materials
    • Upload course materials
User Testing 1 Focus Group
  • 4 Training Hub administrators

Elements UT1.jpg

User Testing 1 Study Tasks

Study tasks were given to the participants. These study tasks were designed to be vague as the main objective of this user testing is to test the usability of the system and not the functionality.

User Testing 1 Results

Likes Dislikes
User Interface
Easy to navigate
Easy to learn
Standard layout
Font size should be bigger
Hyperlinks are difficult to see
Courses/classes/facilities are created
More convenient as compared to manual tasks
Have to create student manually, not integrated with registration

Changes Implemented

Changes Made Remarks
Increase in font size Elements User Testing fontSize.JPG
Changing of font colours for hyperlinks Elements User Testing hyperlink.JPG
Combined all intake and output charts Elements User Testing newlink.JPG