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Heuristic evaluation

  • Venue: Singapore Management University

heuristic evaluation Objective

We conducted a Heuristic Evaluation to test out the design of our application. This is to learn more about the usability of our application and improve it further in our future designs. This was conducted with a paper prototype. A paper prototype was used because we want to be able to discover UI issues early, so that the cost of changing will not be so high.

Heuristic Evaluation Participants

  • 5 participants

These participants took IDP (IS306) in SMU and were UI experts. To keep the confidentialiy of the participants, we named them Tester A, Tester B, Tester C, Tester D, Tester E.

Paper Prototype

Here are some of the screen for the paper prototype. To view the full paper prototype, please click here.

Admin Portal - Dashboard
Admin Portal - Book Facility
Admin Portal - Course Page

Heuristic Evaluation Severity Ratings

Heuristics Severity Ratings
0. Not related to any heuristic

1. Visibility of system status

2. Match between system and the real world

3. User control and freedom

4. Consistency and standards

5. Error prevention

6. Recognition rather than recall

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

8. Aesthetic and minimalist design

9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

10. Help and documentation

0 = Not a real usability problem

1 = Cosmetic problem only

2 = Minor usability problem

3 = Major usability problem

4 = Usability catastrophe

Heuristics Results

Name User information is missing and vague
Sources Tester B
Heuristic 10. Visibility of system status Severity 3. Major Usability Problem

Users are not shown any of their login details.

Users are unable to check their current staus or customize the settings to their individual needs.

Ownership responsibility may cause a problem when erroneous inputs by users occur.

Proposed Solution:

Place a navigation bar at the top of the application

The user's name can be displayed at the top right hand corner of the navigation bar

Name Lack of notification on the confirmation of booking a classroom
Sources Tester A, Tester D
Heuristic 9. Help users recognize, diagnose and recover from errors Severity 3. Major usability problem

The system does not show immediately when the user is successful after booking the classroom or equipment or give him/her the option to easily change his/her booking should it be wrong.

Proposed Solution:

Include a confirmation notification/page that displays a summary of the venue and equipments booked with the option of being able to cancel the booking or make another booking.

Name Usage of dropdown list to navigate around different features of classrooms is not intuitive
Sources Tester B
Heuristic 7. Flexibility and efficiency of use Severity 3. Major usability problem

A dropdown list requires an additional click of a button to see the different functionalities the application offers. Also, not all functionalities are visible all the time. Should the number of functionalities increase, the user will have to scroll down to select the other additional functions.

Proposed Solution:

use a sidebar with all the functionalities listed to allow the user to have an overview of all the functionalities. The box will be highlighted to indicate the page users are currently on..

Name No indication of where the user is currently at
Sources Tester A, Tester D
Heuristic 6. Recognition rather than recall Severity 3. Major usability problem

After the user selects a function at the main page, the dropdownlist is changed to the table the user selected. The drop down list is rather small and unnoticeable and it will take the user a while before he/she is aware which page he/she is at.

Proposed Solution:

The title of the page should be at the top of the page, right below the navigation bar.

Name Lack of an overview for courses being scheduled or to be scheduled in the system
Sources Tester A
Heuristic 1. Visibility of system status Severity 3. Major usability problem

The system currently only enables user to have a weekly view of the courses scheduled but does not give an overall view on classes held at other weeks or months.

Proposed Solution:

Include a calendar view to view courses daily, weekly and monthly tabs for user to see the classes scheduled under each day and equipment needed when user mouse-over to the class.