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User Testing 1 Details

  • Date: 6 January 2016
  • Venue: Peninsular Plaza, #27-01

User Testing 1 Objective

  • Determine if user/admin interface is intuitive
  • Discover usability problem which users/admin might face

Scope of UT 1

  • Admin
    • CRUD Rewards
    • Verify Eco Actions
    • View Eco Actions History
  • User
    • Submit "At Home" Eco Action
    • Submit "As A Consumer" Eco Action
    • Submit "In The Community" Eco Action
    • View user statistics (My Account Page and Statistics Page)
    • View Eco Action history
    • View Reward Catalogue
    • Claim reward

User Testing 1 Participant

  • Wilson Ang (Sponsor)

User Testing 1 Study Task

  • The participant was asked to complete the following as a User:
    • Submit an Eco Action
    • Edit his Profile Page
    • Try claiming a reward
    • Close the page without logging out and login again.
  • The participant was asked to complete the following as an Admin:
    • Verify an Eco Action
    • Add a new Reward

User Testing 1 Feedback

As A User Likes Dislikes
User Interface 1. Easy to navigate around the Web Application
2. Consistent layout for main pages(Circles)
1. For the links in the footer, their layout is inconsistent with the main pages.
2. Add shadows to the buttons at the home page and login page.
3. File type validation is not done for "At Home" Eco Action.
Functionality 1. Actions can be submitted easily without any trouble
2. Rewards can be claimed.
1. After closing the page without logging out, user has to login with his details again.

As An Admin Likes Dislikes
User Interface 1. Easy to navigate around the Web Application 1. Icons for Admin Page not consistent with User My Account page.
Functionality 1. Actions submitted can be verified easily.
2. History of user's Eco Actions can be viewed easily.
1. When verifying an activity, I will have to reject the user if they have an incorrect input for amount and they would have to resubmit again.

Changes Implemented

Changes Made Remarks
File upload for "At Home" Eco Action has validation now. Validation.png
Redirect users to My Account page when user goes to ecoleader.sg while still logged in. Before
Eco Home.png
Eco Login.png
Eco MyAcct.png
Eco MyAcct.png
Change icons of Admin homepage to white icons similar to User's My Account page. Before
Admin Before.png
Admin After.png