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We've classified the risks we've identified into 3 categories: A, B and C.

A’ risks need the most attention and most well developed mitigation or recovery strategies,

‘C’ risks can occur but deserve the least amount of planning.

Risk Type Risk Event Occurrence Impact Category Prevention Measures Reactive Measures
Live deployment risk Our applications might face issues in the production environment when it is used for actual grading. High High A Our testing environment would be replicated as closely as possible to the deployment environment. During the final presentation period, we would schedule ourselves to be on standby for assistance in case of technical difficulties faced by faculty members.
Adoption Risk Our system might not be well received by the IS480 Community and it would be used for the final presentation grading by the faculty and students High High A Our team would conduct early user test and aim an early deployment for faculty members to explore the system. Our team gathered feedback from the faculty members personally to meet their requirements of the system. Also, we also addressed the concerns which faculty members might have regarding our application before the final presentation starts. Moreover, we got a sensing of how comfortable the faculty were with using our application.
Integration Risk During the integration of our application with the SSO service provided by IITS, there might be data compatibility issues. High High A Use available data on LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) in hopes of a full compatibility. When there were login issues, we communicated with IITS and conducted an investigation with regards to the smu_groups fields that the SSO application returns to resolve it
Technology Risk As mediawiki is highly unfavorable to crawling, crawling efforts might fail High High A The development for learning analytics is kept to the end so as to cater time to manually extract data in the event the wiki is uncrawlable. The data on the IS480 Wiki website was manually crawled after failed multiple attempts to retrieve it programmatically.
Requirement Risk Sponsor may request for significant changes in requirements, adversely affecting the project schedule. Medium Medium B 6Sigma would communicate regularly with the client such that the required changes can be quickly made known to the team. Hence, an agile development methodology will be adopted to accommodate to the client’s changes in request as much as possible. The extra buffer which was set aside at the start of the project was used to cater for requirement changes.