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Access Control

Category Entity/Function Access Control
Student Sponsor Course Coordinator Faculty
Student Module CRUD Student Profile CRU R R R
CRUD Milestone status & checklist CRUD R R R
Create/Join/Leave Team Yes No Yes No
View Grade Yes No Yes Yes
Team Module CRUD Team Profile CRUD R RUD R
CRUD Technologies CRUD R R R
CRUD Grading Result R No CRUD CRU
Similar Team Yes No No No
Sponsor Module CRUD Account No RU CRUD No
Login No Yes No No
Change Password No Yes No No
Set Presentation Mode No Yes Yes No
Project Module CRUD Projects R CRUD CRUD R
CRUD Project Applications CRUD RU RU R
Accept/Reject Project Applications No Yes Yes No
General Module Single Sign On Yes No Yes Yes
Search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Infographics R R R R
Team List R R R R
Project List R R R R
Course Coordinator Module CRUD Term R R CRUD R
CRUD Term Configuration/Settings No No CRUD R
CRUD Milestone Configuration/Settings No No CRUD R
Assign Supervisor/Reviewer to Team No No Yes No
Activity Log No No Yes No
Assign Sponsor/Course Coordinator Role No No Yes No
Generate Mailing List No No Yes Yes
Report Module View report list No No Yes Yes
Download report No No Yes Yes