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Iteration 5

Iteration 5 : 8 December 2014 to 23 December 2014
Issues Solution Mitigation towards schedule
Previously, we had resource files (File containing end points) which separated the different roles from their business functions (Eg: Faculty's business functions on teams were classified into FacultyTeamResource). this did not conform the the REST API standards, and resulted in repeated codes.

This resulted in many different resource files, and it was difficult to trace code and fix bugs, resulting in delay. This has also frustrated a lot of teammates.
Our team foresaw that maintainability was going to be a problem in the long run.

It was decided for all business functions to be grouped together under a same resource file, with different roles executing different tasks through the use of If-Else blocks. Eg: Functionalities involving teams would be classifed under TeamResource. This resulted in a delay of 2 days. As we previously had an increase in buffer day from iteration 3, this resulted in a deduction of 2 days from our buffer.
Our team was still new to the technology of JPA, and we developed our business logics in the resource files.
This resulted in repeated codes.
After researching on the best practices online, we discovered that business logics were best to be encapsulated in the service files, in order to achieve a Service Oriented Architecture. This resulted in refactoring of business logics into the service files.

Iteration 7

Iteration 7 : 9 Jan 2015 to 24 Jan 2015
Issues Solution Mitigation towards schedule
Although we have finished the main functionalities required according to our sponsor’s requirements, our sponsors suggested many usability improvements which we tried to cater to. As a result, we found ourselves working harder and harder. This is a significant signal of a creep of scope. Moreover, our supervisor Prof. Chris Boesch reminded us that the ultimate aim of the system should be to benefit all stakeholders.

After much discussion with sponsors during the sponsor test on 16th Jan 2015, Fiona has suggested to the team that it would be advisable for the team to remove functions which are of less priority and without much value add such that more can be achieved by focusing on the core functionalities / functionalities with the most value add.
In order to find out whether this would be much of a value add to our main target users (Students), our team has actually conducted a survey and we’ve summarized the results in the surveys page HERE 6Sigma has decided to remove CRUD Comments, iterations from our project scope,

Iteration 8

Iteration 8 : 24 Jan 2015 to 7 Feb 2015
Issues Solution Mitigation towards schedule
After a series of user tests (Student and Faculty) conducted on 28 - 30th Jan, our team realized that usability was a huge issue to all of our stakeholders. Most of our users found that our fonts and colors were difficult to read, functionalities were difficult to find as they were not intuitively displayed. While our team understand that it would not be feasible to develop a UI which suits the needs of all members in the IS480 Community, we decided to research more about the best practices of UI Designing. Hence, we discovered Angular Material, a framework built on AngularJS. Angular Material provides a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components based on the Material Design system. We decided to adopt this because the elements in Material Design is based on Google's empirical research on the best design principles.

Google Material Design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design across platforms and devices.To find out more about Material Design, click here
6Sigma has decided to replace the previously scheduled Integrated Grid View for faculty. Also, our team has finished the "send email notifications to sponsors upon creation" function. However, the rest of the notifications functions and view notifications would be pushed to iteration 11. If need be, our team would use our Iteration 12 buffer to handle this functionality.