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Primary Functions

Category Function Description
Student Module CRUD Student Profile Allows students to CRUD their profiles.
Faculty Module CRUD Faculty Profile Allows faculty to CRUD their profiles.
Assign Supervisor/Reviewer to Team Allows Course Coordinator to a specific supervisor and assign him to a specific team manually.
Team Module CRUD Team Profile Allows a student to CRUD a team profile.
CRUD Team Member Allows a student to CRUD team members.
CRUD Project Status Allows the course coordinator/supervisor to update the status of the team’s project. (i.e. accepted or rejected)
Sponsor Module CRUD Account Allows new sponsors to request an account and propose a project.
Login Allows external sponsors to login as they do not have SSO accounts.
Project Module CRUD Projects Allows sponsors to CRUD projects for students to take.
CRUD Project Team Allows sponsor to approve or reject teams for their projects.
Coordinator Module Suspend Team Suspend the team users so that they will not be a nuisance to the other users. Team will be unsuspended once the Course Coordinator deemed its ok. There is a user status attached to all the users (active/ suspended) which is only viewable by the admin.
CRUD Term Allows the Course Coordinator to CRUD terms in the system.
Assign Sponsor Role Course coordinator can assign sponsor roles to faculty.
General Module Single Sign On Allows all users with SMU domain credentials to login to the system.

Secondary Functions

Category Function Description
Search Module Search Student / Faculty / Project / Sponsor / Team Search for Student / Faculty / Project / Sponsor / Team based on what user entered into the search bar so that he can retrieve the information that he wants. Users are also able to perform an advanced search based on specific inputs.
Project Module Match teams to projects Match student team to compatible projects that are looking for teams to take on the project based on the compatibility of the skills that team can offer and the team's preferred industry and preferred technology. Teams would be able to set their own filter for the search.
General Module Download statistics. User must be able to download IS480 statistics.
Send notification to users Allows users to send notification to users via the system and/or email when there are important announcements to make.

Tertiary Functions

Module Function Description
Scheduling Module Integrate groups to sign up for slots instead of users. Allow team to sign up for slots.
Team Module CRUD Proposal/Mid- Term/Final Review Allows course coordinators, supervisors, reviewers and sponsors to add their proposal/mid-term/final reviews
Project Module CRUD Project Details/Documents Allows team to use the website as a replacement for wiki for their project.
Request Project Approval Allows students to request the sponsor to accept the team for the project.