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Project Progress Summary

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Login Credentials (Practical Group):

Username: P03
Password: P03

Login Credentials (Lecturer):

Username: lec3
Password: lec3

Project Highlights

WP Overview HIghlights.JPG

  • Our project schedule is divided into 13 iterations.
  • Till date of 10 April 2015, we have completed 100% of our development progress. We are now left with 2 milestone (Final Presentation and Poster Day) and the last iteration (iteration 13)
  • Beta Release - The system has been released on 03 February 2015, with actual students using our application for their practical test.
  • Check out our beta release here!

  • Current iteration: 13
  • Iteration 13: 7 April 2015 - 22 April 2015
  • The project has officially been handed over to Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Health Sciences.

Development Progress

Progress: 100 % Completed WP Final Development Progress.png

Project Management

Project Scope

Acceptance Midterms

WP Scope Planned.jpg

WP Scope Actual.jpg

Final Completed Scope

WP Final Scope.jpg

Major Scope changes

  • iOS mobile application has been replaced by Responsive Web Application. The team proposed a responsive web application to cater to more devices and client agrees
  • Responsive Web Application has been added to the scope.
  • PDF Case Recognition has been added to the scope to allow the admin to quickly set up the cases in the future.
  • The team documents changes on this change tracker and evaluate changes on a case by case basis.

View our Change Management Here!

Project Schedule

View detailed Project Schedule here!

Planned Actual

WP ProjectSchedule Planned.png

WP Milestones Finals.jpg

Schedule Highlights

  • There are no major changes to major project milestones such as UT, UAT, deployment. However, the team added a Beta Release after the first deployment. This is to allow students to use our system before they become unavailable due to their schedule.


Schedule Metrics

View our Schedule Metrics Here!

WP Schedule Metrics.png
Schedule Metrics Highlights
Iteration Planned Duration (Days) Actual Duration (Days) Schedule Metric Score Action Status
5 14 15 93% Estimates are generally accurate and on track. Proceed as per normal.

Delayed slightly due to debugging phase, team was unfamiliar with charts and hence took a longer time to solve a date bug in the vital signs chart.

Iteration 5 was delayed by one day. Follow up action: The following iteration started on the same day. No buffer day is used.

11 14 15 93%

Iteration 11 was delayed by one day due to complexity in PDF Recognition Case Setup.
Follow up action: Still within the safe range.


Bug Metrics

View our Bug Metrics here!

Bug Score
WP BugMetrics.png

Bug Distribution based on Severity
Iteration Bug Score Summary of bugs Action Taken
5 30
6 High
Most of the bugs in this iteration were due to the date and time error on the charts. Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.
8 32
6 High
2 Low
The bugs were manageable. Some were due to validations, UI bugs, etc Stop current development and resolve the bug immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.
9 8
1 High
3 Low
Developers did thorough unit and integration testing. Hence, lesser bugs were found in this iteration. Use the planned debugging time in the iteration

Task Metrics by Iteration

WP EffortMetrics.jpg

View our Task Metrics here!

Project Risks

Activated Risks

View our risk management here! The below table only highlights the two top risks that have been mitigated.

No Risk Description Impact Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan Status
1 Client changes requirements on an ad hoc basis Project schedule will be affected Medium Medium B Team to evaluate changes on a case to case basis based on change management. Mitigated
2 Unable to get NP nursing students to test due to constraints in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s academic calendar Unable to get genuine feedback from students and hence affect the usability of the system High High A PM to reschedule project to complete Student's Portal functions before the students are unavailable. Mitigated

The above two risks has been mitigated.

  1. Risk 1: The team implemented change management plan in order to evaluate the changes requested by the client. View our Change Management Here!
  2. Risk 2: PM rescheduled the project to complete student's functions before students were unavailable. Student's portal is now fully implemented, tested with NP nursing students and deployed.

Future Risks

No Risk Description Impact Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation Plan Status
1 Future developers unfamiliar with technologies used Unable to hand over to future developers for future application enhancement High High A Provide proper documentation such as deployment guide and include comments in the codes. Mitigated
2 Unexpected issues when users use the system Inconvenience will be caused for the users Low Low C Upon handover, the team will be giving the client a 1 month warranty period whereby all bugs found within this 1 month of usage will be solved by the team Mitigated

The above two risks have not occurred. However, our team anticipated the possibility of it and managed to mitigate these risks.

Technical Complexity

PDF Text Recognition

  • NP HS purchases new cases regularly. The format of these cases are unstructured. The cases are cumbersome to set up, hence the team proposed PDF text recognition case setup to ease the setting up of new cases.
  • Populate case setup form according to extracted information from the unstructured pdfs
  • The pdf is unstructured and it is unclear for a person without background to input such case information. Under the healthcare provider's order, there could be many different kinds of orders (medication, non-medication, doctor's remarks, etc). The team will be using picking out relevant information and put them into the relevant fields for easy setting up of cases

Challenges Faced during extraction
The team faced challenges in extracting the correct information due to the structure of the PDF. iText library reads the information line by line, however the information needed does not make business sense.

WP TC 1.jpg

How the team managed the challenge?
The team found the coordinates and from there on, we managed to get correct information to extract. WP TC 2.jpg

Responsive Web Mobile Application

WP Responsive HowItWorks.png WP Responsive Functions.png

  • This was proposed by the team as a replacement of the iOS application.

Quality of Product


Stage Specification Modules
Project Requirements Story boards Story board

Market Research

Project Management Minutes Meeting Minutes
Project Management Metrics, Risks, Change

Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics
Risk Management
Change Management

Analysis and Design Use Case, ER Diagram, As-Is, To-Be Processes, Sequence Diagrams Use Case, ER Diagram, As-Is, To-Be Processes, Sequence Diagrams, Use Case Description
Design Prototype Persona and Prototype
Testing User Test Plan

Heuristic Evaluation User Testing 1
User Testing 2
User Testing 3

Handover User Manual, Project Closure Sign Off, UAT Sign Off

User Manual Guide
UAT Sign Off
Project Closure Sign Off


Deployed Link: http://hsemr-wpinapp.rhcloud.com/hsemr


We have conducted three user testing and one heuristic evaluation.

Heuristic Evaluation

  • Venue: Singapore Management University, School of Information Systems
  • 5 participants
  • This is to learn more about the usability of our application and improve it further in our future designs. This was conducted with a paper prototype. A paper prototype was used because we want to be able to discover UI issues early, so that the cost of changing will not be so high.

View our Heuristics Evaluation documentation here!

User Testing 1

  • Date: 29 October 2014
  • Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Health Sciences
  • 4 NP Health Sciences students
  • 1 NP Health Sciences Lecturer

View our UT1 documentation here!

User Testing 2

  • Date: 21 January 2015
  • Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Health Sciences
  • 38 NP Health Sciences students

View our UT2 documentation here!

User Testing 3

  • Date: 25 March 2015
  • Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Health Sciences
  • 8 NP Health Sciences lecturers

View our UT3 documentation here!


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