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Project Description Motivation Project Scope X-Factor Technologies Market Research

GFA rewards companies for their green practices. The reward is a label that companies can use to demonstrate their green commitment and to identify and choose green freight companies. Currently the data, which is needed to judge whether or not a company qualifies for the GFA Label and the type of GFA Label they can apply for is collected via Excel sheets. The completed Excel sheet and evidence (e.g. copy of maintenance contract, etc) are then sent to via E-Mail to one of the GFA Label Assessment Partners, who validates the data and evidence. Companies that receive the GFA Certificate of Excellence and the GFA Label rating would be posted in the GFA database for all GFA members to view. The implementation of this web application would help to automate the process from data collection to generation of the GFA Label certificate in PDF format and population of the GFA Label rating in the GFA database, hence simplifying the application procedure. This would eventually speed up the overall application process and potentially cater to a growing number of applicants in a centralized database. Additionally, the web application would provide an analytical feature for GFA to use, which can replace the manual analyses done in Excel as well as allow GFA to formulate business decisions when desired.