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Test Plan


  • To be able to cater to a large group of recipients
  • To gather feedback regarding user interface of developed functions
  • To detect usability issues based on user behaviour
  • To improve web application based on UT results

Number of Users: 30 SMU students, 5 Restaurant owners
Venue: SMU, restaurant around SMU, Chinatown
Date: Sept 17-20
Duration: 45mins per user, 1.5 hours per merchant
Scope of UAT2

  • Customer
  • Merchant



  • “my fav restaurant” page is so cool
  • The map covers the route details...It is good to show the route (from A to B)!


  • Related to Display & Design(Customer Side):
    • the homepage design need to be more attractive
    • place-holders are messed up with real input (see changes below)
    • should remind user username doesn’t allowed space
    • Inform user we distinguish capital and lower-case letters
    • explain the word “Ding”
    • Home page need more information like display the list of restaurants (see changes below)
    • Display restaurant name in each deal
    • “like company” button is not intuitive
    • make success message more obvious
    • explain how to redeem deal

  • Related to addition or modification of functions(Customer Side):
    • Not sure if min budget is necessary - still keep this
    • send notification one hour before the redeem time - not for now
    • should confirm before user cancel the reservation (see changes below)
    • preference choices are limited - (see changes below)
    • improve the speed of “like restaurant” function

  • Related to addition or modification of functions(Merchant Side):
    • allow them to upload restaurant information on their own page
    • registration step is too many – takes some time for them to understand the hierarchy - still keep for now
    • change deal type (see changes below)
    • allow merchant input start time (see changes below)
    • withdraw message when withdraw a deal - not for now
    • make redeem steps faster (see changes below)

  • Related to Display & Design(Merchant Side):
    • some name like “redeem by”, “merchant” is not intuitive for merchant when they exploring the app

Observations made

  • it's hard for some users to find success message
  • customer tend to click on the picture that is not clickable
  • customer do not know how to redeem a deal
  • merchant do not understand what "merchant ID" means

Changes To Be Made

  • redesign the UI(layout, color, expression and wording)
  • handle placeholder and error message
  • display restaurant list
  • add more cuisine types
  • allow customer to confirm before cancel reservation
  • change deal type catagories
  • allow merchant to put start time for a deal
  • shorten redeem step

  • based on observation: add redeem instrucation


Changes made Before After
Change the categories of deal types
Allow merchant input start time
Push deal.png
Deal start time.png
Make redeem step faster
Provide instructions to guide customer surf the site and redeem reservation


Changes made Before After
Make place-holders clearer
display restaurants list for users
Cus main page(after login).png
Let user confirm before cancel the reservation
My reservation.png