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Project Progress Summary

Midterm Slides Merchant Customer
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Project Highlights


  • Took 3 days after acceptance test to make changes to our database
  • Teammates are doing IDP, so the work load is high
  • Change of the requirements: previously only need customer side to be mobile optimized, but now we work on both customer and merchant sides
  • Separate merchant and customer interface
  • Took 3 weeks to redesign UI after acceptance test
  • Completed 3 UATs thus far
  • So for 5 merchant tested our app and two of them used our app for real deals



Demo flow

Value Added

  • Customer
    • Like and view restaurants
    • Display restaurant list
    • Share deals to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Manage session in multiple devices

  • Merchant
    • Withdraw deals
    • View deals status
    • View favourite received
    • View reservation history
    • Generate report
    • View redemption history
    • Deal performance detail
    • Manage branch and merchant IDs

  • Application
    • Restrict number of deals merchant can push a day
    • Display similar deals
    • Upload image
    • Confirmation email
    • Reset password

Project Scope Changes:

Old version


New version


New Added Functions

  • merchant
    • view redemption history
    • deal performance detail
    • manage branch and merchant IDs
    • manage sessions in different divices(good to have)
  • customer
    • display restaurant list
    • review deal
  • application
    • confirmation email
    • reset password

Completed Functionalities

we are now in iteration 10

  • General
    • Login & logout
    • Registration

  • Customer
    • Make reservation
    • View deals details
    • Update preferences
    • Like and view restaurants
    • View reservation history
    • Display restaurant list

  • Merchant
    • Push deals
    • Withdraw deals
    • Update company profile
    • Redeem reservation
    • Create branch
    • Create branch merchant ID
    • View number of “favourite” received
    • View deals status
    • Deal performance detail
    • Deal template
    • Manage branch and merchant IDs

  • Application
    • Recommend deals to customers
    • Retrieve and convert location and calculate distance
    • Preview deals
    • Restrict the number of deals pushed by merchants
    • Upload image
    • Display similar deal
    • Deal expiration
    • Confirmation email
    • Reset password

To-Be Completed Functionalities

  • Customer
    • Share deals with friends via SMS
    • Share deals to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc
    • Manage session in multiple devices
    • Review deal

  • Merchant
    • Generate report
    • View redemption history

  • Application
    • Deals notification

Project Management

Project Status

Modules Status Confident Level (0-1) Comment
Customer 87% Finished 0.9
  • Share deals with friends via SMS
  • Share deals to social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Manage session in multiple devices
  • Review deal
Merchant 85% Finished 1
  • Generate report
  • View redemption history
Application 90% 1
  • Deals notification
Admin 100% 1

Project Timeline

Actual timeline


Planned timeline


Project Schedule Metrics




Project Bugs Metrics



Project Risks


Quality of Product

Architecture Diagram


Technical Complexity


Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Links
Project Management Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes
Schedule Metrics Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics Bug Metrics
Analysis Use cases Use Case
System Architecture Architecture Diagram
Testing User test plan User testing


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Xia Xueying
Project Manager & Quality Assurance Analyst

As a project manager, I leant how to communicate with different parties and align the requirement with our product delivered. There are lots of function changes since acceptance test. I need to take into account both the sponsor's requirements and balance the workload of our team members'to ensure we are on the track and the quality of the application. As a QA, I need to test every details of our functions and came up with corner cases to enhance the quality of the application.
Wang Yiyi
UI Developer & Business Analyst

After acceptance test, I have changed the UI design twice and apply CSS, JS skills smoothly to meet sponsor’s requirement. UI elements are familiar to me now, thus I can make major or minor adjustment to achieve user-friendly as well as aesthetic needs. I also realized the feedbacks provided by users are most precious advice for UI developers. We made a lot of improvements according to real users’ feedbacks. Besides, as the business analyst, I need to gather requirements from sponsor and users and translate them into business requirement to help all team members especially coders understand needs clearly.

Gao Yiming
Lead Developer & Technical Analyst

For back-end development, I feel like it's not only about coding but rather considering the real case and usability. It's also important to adopt suggestions from user, so that we take the chance to integrate some new technology tricks like Ajax to make our application more user-friendly. I picked up a lot of JavaScript knowledge along the way as well, and it's necessary to communicate with front-end developer to make sure all the error messages are displayed correctly.

Cao Xinge
Backend Developer & UI Developer

From the acceptance till now, as my role changed from Back-end Developer & PM Assistant to Back-end Developer and Front-end Developer, I learnt a lot about the UI design and developing. I am more familiar with CSS and JavaScript now. As I focus more on the mobile optimization, I learn more about the how to make our web application response effectively for different kinds of devices. Moreover, as we are using the bootstrap framework, I explored on how to use different elements. In addition, the feedback from the real users gave me ideas about how to make our application more user friendly.

Zhang Jiahang
Developer & PM Assistant

From the acceptance test till now, I am getting more familiar with parse database from how to send emails to how to use pointer columns. Moreover, I tried to figure out more circumstances in managing deal templates. For example, a template can be generated from history or saved by merchant. So if the merchant has saved that template already, I need to pick it out from historical templates. Another situation is when the merchant pushes out a deal without using any template, but that deal is actually corresponding to one saved template, I will consider the merchant pushed out that deal by using that template. Creating diagrams and main page pictures also helped with my designing skill and I can consolidate UAT results more efficiently and accurately now.