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Rhinos FINALS Documentation

Final Slides Pitch Poster
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Project Highlights

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Our project iteration has 14 iterations. As at 23 November 2015, we are currently in the 13th iteration of the project and will be expecting to complete 2 more milestones: final presentation and poster day. Based on our team's estimates, we have completed up to 100% of our development process. We have recently successfully conducted our hard launch on 20 November 2015 and our mobile application is available on Google Play Store now!

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Our Development Progress

Progress: 100% Completed

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Project Scope

Acceptance Mid-Terms
Rhinos Scope Acceptance.png Rhinos scope actual.png

Final Project Scope - COMPLETED!

Rhinos scope finals.png

Highlights of Changes Made in Scope

  • Added Enhanced Scanner feature to facilitate sponsor's market validation activities. Sponsor will be able to understand market trends and what are some of the popular products they could possibly introduce into their marketplace.
  • Added shipping methods to allow consumers to choose from a range of shipping methods
  • Added sub categories so that sponsors can further categories their products in the marketplace
  • Added dynamic pricing feature in our marketplace so that prices will be available to users depending on their spending behaviour and past transactions.

Full documentation of our scope changes is available on our Change Management Log which can be found here!

Project Schedule

Rhinos schedule finals.png

Highlights of Changes Made in Schedule

There are no major changes except the following:

  • Brought forward Soft Launch from 9 September 2015 to 4 September 2015 to facilitate Herbidex's Event to engage real users
  • Added additional deployment trial (UAT2) after User Testing 1 to support migration on LIVE server. This user testing targeted a small group of users only, mainly to test that everything is working well on the LIVE server.


Schedule Metric

View our Schedule log here!

Rhinos schedulescore.png

Highlights of Schedule Metrics

Iteration Planned (Days) Actual (Days) SM Score Action Status
5 14 15 93% Team is on schedule and estimates are fairly accurate. Schedule was slightly delayed by 1 day as we had to resolve a bug in Purchase Module. Orders with more than 1 items were not accurate because parameters passed in WooCommerece was incorrect. This was quickly resolved by modifying the Volley Framework so that similar parameter names will not be overwritten. Completed

Bug Metric

View our bug log here!

Rhinos bugscore.png

Highlight of Changes in Collection of Bugs

We introduced the Issue Tracker in Iteration 6 (After Acceptance) to track all functionality issues found that were not implemented before in our application. Note that these are not bugs, application is working fine. These issues found refer to improvements that will enhance the user experience of Herbidex Mobile.

Full documentation of our issue tracker is available on our Test Documents which can be found here!

Iteration Bug Score Number of Issues (Issue Tracker) Summary of Bugs and Issues Action Taken
6 35

3 Critical 5 Low

7 In this iteration, there were 3 critical bugs found in the product module. Application was unstable and all work was put on hold to ensure that this bug was resolved before moving forward.

Post acceptance, we introduced a new issue tracker to record issues found in the application so that we can improve the overall user experience. There were 7 issues found which were resolved during the allocated debugging period.

Stop current development and resolve bugs immediately. All bugs and issues were resolved during allocated debugging period of the iteration.
7 46

8 High 6 Low

10 Severe unit testing and integration testing were performed during this iteration in preparation for the upcoming soft launch as well as User Testing 1 in the following iteration hence the increase in number of bugs and issues found. All issues and bugs found were resolved and completed during the allocated debugging period.
11 28

5 High 3 Low

6 This iteration was focused on cleaning of codes and hence we found some high impact bugs that needed attention. Moreover, more intensive integration testing was performed in preparation for User Testing 2 and 3 in the upcoming iterations. Hence the increase in bugs and issues found. All issues and bugs were resolved and completed during the allocated debugging period.
12 15

2 High 5 Low

2 Our final user testing was conducted in this iteration. We found a handful of high impact bugs and several low impact bugs. All issues and bugs were resolved and completed during the allocated debugging period.

Project Risks

Full documentation of our Risk Management is available here!

Category Description Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Project Management Dynamic Business Requirements: Sponsor requirements may change because they are still exploring the possibility of natural health industry. Team will need to manage change request from sponsor so that project scope is realizable. High High Adjust the schedule when sponsors expectation changes. Seek opinions from team about possible changes to be made to the schedule. Scoping is to be done clearly with use case diagrams, as well as low-fidelity and hi-fidelity prototypes, to ensure sponsors and our team is on the same page. We will also process change requests, on a case by case basis, using a change management process to ensure the change is acceptable. In line with agile software development practices, we will meet up with sponsors regularly every 2 weeks to ensure that expectations are constantly aligned.
Technology Access to back end server may not be granted, or has high availability risks. Medium High To duplicate a copy of the WordPress back-end server on our own website resources. This will serve as the development platform. Hence, the risk of server availability is borne by the team and can be controlled better.

The risks above have been managed and mitigated.

Future Risk

Category Description Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Technology Future Business Development: Sponsor is unfamiliar with technologies used which may interfere in their expansion initiatives High High Project handover procedures to provide proper documentation such as the deployment guide and documented codes to explain technical details

Although the above risk did not arise, the team anticipated and managed the risk.

Technical Complexity

How we design our Architecture?

Rhinos AD.png

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. WooCommerce REST API is mostly CRUD APIs with a few reporting tool such as Best Sellers, Sales Report. Hence, Rhinos need to create middleman web services to perform custom business logic, authorisation as well as monitor performance.

What is done in our Web Services?

  • Logic
  1. Custom business logic
  2. Retrieve data directly from database (API limitation)
  3. PayPal Mobile SDK (Payment Processing)
  • Authorisation
  1. Mobile device authentication
  2. Protection of resources – getOrder (int orderId);
  • Monitoring and Performance
  1. Monitor response time of web-services for optimization
  2. Data analytics

Value Add

Rhinos valueadd.png

Quality Attributes

  • Usability - Navigation Design Considerations
  1. Dynamic Sliding Tabs: To allow fast and easy scrolling to view products from different categories
  2. Navigation bar (5 icons): To allow users to select what they want in a single click
  • Maintainability - Design
  1. Add/Update to Cart: Segregate all changes to cart items in a single UI
  2. Retrieval of Information: Adapt to data changes from web services



Type Decription Documentation
Requirement Gathering Story boarding
Market Research
Story board Video

Market Research

Project Management Minutes, Metrics, Risks, Change

Meeting Minutes
Risk Management
Change Management

Analysis and Design Use Case, Architectural Diagram, ER Diagram, Technology and Tools Used Use Case, Architectural Diagram, ER Diagram, Technology and Tools Used
Design Prototype Prototypes
Testing User Test Plan

Heuristic Evaluation
User Testing 1
User Testing 2 - Deployment Trial
User Testing 3

Project Handover Deployment Guide, Project Handover Sign Off

Deployment Guide
Project Handover Sign Off


As at 6 October 2015, we have completed 1 Heuristic Evaluation and 1 User Testing. These activities are primarily conducted to ensure that the Herbidex Mobile satisfies the needs of our target group as agreed upon with our Sponsors and provides confidence of its use.

Heuristics Evaluation

  • Number of Users: 30
  • Venue: At user's convenience
  • Date: 24 July 2015 – 26 July 2015
  • Objective:Our main objective of conducting the Heuristic Evaluation is to gather feedback on the user interface as well as ensure that we are able to simplify the process of engagement between our application and its users.

Full Documentation of our Heuristic Evaluation can be found in our Heuristic Evaluation Test Documents

User Testing 1

  • Number of Users: 25
  • Date and Time: 18 September 2015, 10.00am - 03.00pm
  • Venue: Singapore Management University- School of Information Systems, Seminar Room 3-3

Full Documentation of our User Testing 1 can be found in our User Testing 1 Test Documents

User Testing 2 - Deployment Trial

  • Number of Users: 20
  • Date and Time: 2 Nov 2015, 5.00pm - 08.00pm

Full Documentation of our User Testing 2 - Deployment Trial can be found in our User Testing 2 Test Documents

User Testing 3

  • Number of Users: 33
  • Date and Time: 6 November 2015, 10.00am - 07.00pm
  • Venue: Singapore Management University- School of Information Systems, Classroom 3-2

Full Documentation of our User Testing 3 can be found in our User Testing 3 Test Documents


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