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Project Progress

Summary of Project

Our project currently has 9 iterations. As of 22th February 2016, we are in iteration 7 of the project. 90% of the app's core functions are finished. Once we have completed additional functionalities given to us by our sponsor on 19th February 2016, we hope to be able to launch it. In the meantime, our app has been tested by our sponsor, vendors, suppliers and heuristics experts.

Project Scope

This is the current scope of the project, after the new requested functionalities have been added.


Project Schedule

The new requested functionalities have been added to our project timeline.


Risk Management



The team is using several new technologies, such as Semantic UI and deployment on Amazon Web Services. We have encountered some difficulties in using those technologies, and will use our bug and schedule metrics to mitigate them.


These are the metrics the team is using, namely schedule metrics and bug metrics.



These metrics assist in our project management, and help us determine the appropriate course of action to undertake in order to get the project back on track.