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UAT 1 Objectives


  • Gathering feedback from users mainly on the existing functions and the design of Echokun through the tasks provided
  • Identify the effectiveness of the functions and issues/problems with Echokun
  • Understand the feedback by the users and to improve the website with reference to the result of this UAT

Venue & date


Bitshamon Solutions Office

12 Marina View Asia Square Tower 2, #23-01 Singapore 018961


11-13 August 2015

Scope of UAT

  • Log in/out functionality
  • Edit account information functionality
  • Account registration functionality
  • Email password reset functionality
  • Administrator rights account functionality
  • Search bar functionality
  • Navigation of other accounts functionality

About the participants


Mr Daniel Lim (Sponsor) and 3 participants provided by the sponsor

Task Documents

The following is task document provided to the participants during the UAT:


Overall feedback by participants

  • Information on the landing homepage is not clear
  • Navigation of the website is not intuitive or clear
  • Search bar requires user to click on selection first before having the need to hit enter, this procedure is not intuitive.
  • There were hidden menu options under the login button, which tends to make navigation tougher
  • Site is not responsive enough for mobile or device with other resolutions
  • Homepage information should be bordered or display in a table, to reduce the confusion

Actions to be taken by the team

The team will look into these feedbacks and address these issues in during UAT 1 Refinements