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Test Plan


  • Gathering sponsor’s feedback with regards to the heuristics and design of the existing functions of the current application
  • Identify any usability issues that persist in the application
  • Improvement of our application based on the results
  • Managing of expectations

Number of Users: 2
Date: 11 November 2015, Friday
Scope of UT3

  • Investment Model Functionality
  • Reports Management Functionality
  • Scenario Pricing Tree Functionality
  • What's Priced In Functionality
  • Mean Reversion Functionality

Testing Document: UT Document 3

Procedure: Testers are financially trained therefore, a set of tasks will be given to the testers to follow and complete.


  • There were a few usability issues that were addressed by the testers
  • Inclusion of several information with regards to the Investment Model was recommended
  • The list of pre-UAT and post-UAT changes can be found here.

In general, the Financially Trained users were pleasantly surprised at how quick Stock Parser could generate an Investment Model, notably stating:

Being able to minimise the time taken to generate a model - from 5-6 days to just a few mouse clicks, really empowers the regular investment analysts, allowing them to focus more on other Investment related issues.

Feedback Results

How much does Stock Parser help in the following Metric Score (1-5), 5 being the best Other comments
Data Retrieval
Investment Model
It's comprehensive however, more information should be displayed to aid users
Financially pleasant design, colours and all
The tabs on the investment model is useful for navigation
Information organization
Besides the investment model, where data has to be explicitly shown, information from the rest of the functionalities are not too cluttered - which is good
Consistency is important, especially when it comes to report submissions.