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Test Plan


  • Gathering sponsor’s feedback with regards to the heuristics and design of the existing functions of the current application
  • Identify any usability issues that persist in the application
  • Improvement of our application based on the results
  • Managing of expectations

Number of Users: Guy Weyns (Sponsor/Product Owner)
Date: 11 July 2015, Friday
Scope of UAT1

  • Log in/Log out functionality
  • Registration for non-corporate users functionality
  • Scenario Pricing Tree functionality
  • Profitability Map functionality
  • View Reports functionality

Testing Document: UAT Document 1

Procedure: There is no fixed procedure on how to give feedback. You can choose to either navigate the entire application by yourself, or follow the set of functions listed below and give feedback accordingly.


  • There were a few aspects of the application that will be subjected to major changes, such as the overhaul of graphs
  • Minor UI discrepancies were identified and changes were told to be made
  • The list of pre-UAT and post-UAT changes can be found here.

However, the sponsor was pleasantly surprised by the progress of the team and the application, notably stating

Overall it’s a very promising start; am bullish on the end product