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Test Plan


  • Gathering feedback on application's design and developed functions
  • Detect usability issues based on user behaviour
  • Improve application based on UT results
  • Load Testing and Validation Testing

Number of Users: 20 Software Testers, 4 Functional Testers
Personas: 12x Analyst, 12x SSC members
Date: 23rd September 2015, Wednesday
Scope of UAT1

  • Log in/Log out functionality
  • Scenario Pricing Tree (Single) functionality
  • Scenario Pricing Tree (Multiple) functionality
  • Profitability Map functionality
  • What's Priced In? functionality
  • Forecast Dispersion functionality
  • Mean Reversion functionality
  • Submit Report functionality
  • View Reports functionality

Testing Document for Analyst: Analyst UAT Document
Testing Document for SSC Member: SSC Member UAT Document
Testing Document for Additional Tasks: Additional Tasks UAT Document
Procedure: A set of User Testing document was supplied to the various testers which allows for them to input various comments, feedbacks, problem faced and recommendations for Stock Parser.

Feedback Results

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Chipmunks Lab Test Feedback.png
  • The list of pre-UAT and post-UAT changes can be found here.