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Project Progress Summary

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Final Presentation Slides
Download: Final presentation

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Deployed website
Trade Portal : http://tbankonline.com/SMUtBank_CIB
Trade Operations : https://tbankonline.com:9443/ProcessPortal/login.jsp

Development Progress

Current Progress : 100%
Current Iteration : 12
12th Nov - 23rd Nov

Below is the scope of our project and the functionalities :

A3xy scope.png

Project Highlights (X-factor)

A3xy live.png

Lab session
Date: 13th November
Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic

A3xy labusers.png

42 students
1.5 hour lab session

A3xy labpurpose.png


  • Learn about Trade Finance
  • Prelude to Corporate Banking module
  • Experience SMU’s teaching pedagogy

Feedback from students :

Average scores of the students against an expert user (our group member)

A3xy labresult.png

  • Team with highest score had 292 points
  • Team with lowest scores had 203 points
  • Assuming 300 is the best score a team can have, all teams scored over 68%
  • Top 5 teams received prizes since they scored above 90% (>=270 points)

Below are some pictures from the lab session :

A3xy Xfactor lab.JPG

Project Management

Iteration Tasks

A3xy finaltasks.png

Project Schedule (Planned VS Actual)
Planned Actual

A3xy timeline v1.jpg

A3XY Timeline.png

Project Scope (Planned VS Actual)
Planned Actual

A3XY Scope.png

A3XY Scope1.png

Schedule Metrics

A3xy finalSM.png
Iteration Completion % Planned Days Actual Days Metric Index
1 100% 14 16 0.88
2 100% 14 15 0.93
3 100% 14 14 1.00
4 100% 14 17 0.82
5 100% 14 9 1.56
6 100% 14 17 0.82
7 100% 14 15 0.93
8 100% 14 10 1.40
9 100% 9 9 1.00
10 100% 14 19 0.74
11 100% 15 15 1.00

Below are the reasons for high and low schedule metrics for the iterations :

A3xy finalSM1.png
A3xy finalSM2.png
A3xy finalSM3.png
A3xy finalSM4.png
A3xy finalSM5.png

Bug Metrics

Below are the bug points distribution for each iteration:

A3xy finalbug1.png

Below is the distribution of bugs based on their severity for each iteration:

A3xy finalbug3.png

Risk Management
Risk Consequences Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategy
Team is unfamiliar with technologies used. Project will be potentially delayed due to incorrect estimates. High High Team members will research and guide each others. Project manager will allocate more time to this task.
Delay in development due to downtime of server. Front-end and IBM BPM implementation not possible if the server is down. Low High Coordinate with the client on a regular basis to modify the schedule if required.
Failure to factor in minor coding tasks due to lack of experience. Project will be potentially delayed as these minor tasks need to be performed. Medium Medium PM has to work closely with the Back-End and front-end lead developers and bridge the gap between business process and technical components.

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

There should be some evidence of work.

Stage Specification
Project Management Project schedule
Schedule Metrics
Bug Metrics
Risk Management
Change Management
Project Overview Project Description
Documentation Technical Documents
Design Documents
Test Documents
Meeting Minutes
Project Documents
User Test 4

Objective : Compare the usability of the platform between first-time and old users.

The tasks assigned can be found here: A3XY User Test 4 Plan


Users Students
Number of Users 12 (6 old users, 6 new users)
Venue SMU school campus

Brief information on the participants:
Group A (old users)

  • Have prior experience of using the platform
  • Have worked on the LC process
  • Have basic knowledge of Trade Finance from prior usage

Group B (new users)

  • Experienced with background in Consumer Internet Banking
  • Understand banking terms
  • Have not being exposed to the software being used (IBM BPM)


  • Time Spent in finishing the LC Application process (in mins)
A3xy UT4 result1.png

  • Time Spent in finishing the Document Presentation process (in mins)
A3xy UT4 result2.png

  • Average Time Spent in finishing the Shipping Guarantee, Trust Receipt and Banker’s guarantee processes (in mins)
A3xy UT4 result3.png

  • Did you understand the full process?
A3xy UT4 result4.png

  • Was the application easy to use?
A3xy UT4 result5.png

  • Results for quizzes for both the groups. (Average number of answers answered correctly)
A3xy UT4 result6.png

Key Findings:

  • Group A participants feel that the new interface is a big improvement from the previous version.
  • Group A participants feel that the new version provides a more comprehensive flow of the Trade Finance process and its components.
  • Group A participants have on average 25% better performance compared to their performance in a previous user test.
  • Group A participants have on average 15% better performance compared to the performance of Group B on average.
  • All participants found the glossary to be really useful for referencing to the definitions.
  • Group B participants do not face the issues that Group A faced in the previous user tests and on average have a 10% better performance for the same processes.
  • 12.5% of Group B participants felt that the constant movement between the portal and IBM BPM was confusing
  • All participants find individual components of the application easy to use.

User Test 5

Objective : Heuristic Evaluation of the built application.

The tasks assigned can be found here: A3XY User Test 5 Plan


Users Students
Number of Users 8
Venue SOE CR 3.4

Brief information on the participants:

  • Have basic knowledge of Trade Finance from prior study


  • Students should be able to navigate around the website easily
  • Students should understand the requirements for various input fields without additional help
  • Students should find the application visually appealing


  • Rating based on the student’s experience while navigating the website where 1 is hard and 5 is easy
A3xy UT5 result1.png

  • Rating based on clarity of requirements for input fields
A3xy UT5 result2.png

  • Rating based on visual appeal of the website
A3xy UT5 result3.png

Key Findings:

  • In general, participants find it easy to navigate around that website. However, some participants still take some time to understand the jump from trade portal to trade operations
  • Participants are able to understand the requirement for all input fields easily.
  • Participants find the trade portal visually appealing but there is still room for improvement.
  • Some participants feel a requirement for a feature that show a summary of their lc transactions.


A3xy midref1.png
A3xy midref2.png

Client's View

" Using this new application, I will be able to more effectively teach Trade Finance to my MITB class. The hands-on use of the tool will help to drive home the main learning points of the course.The tool functions nearly like a “real” Trade Finance system a bank might use, and it implements industry standard message formats, eg; SWIFT and ISO. This is the first FYP project that I am aware of that implements a BPM engine, and it would be useful to demo the application in PMSB. Ngee Ann Poly will also use this application to support their Financial Informatics Diploma course. "
- Professor Alan, Chief Architect for SMU tBank