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Results :

Average scores of the students against an expert user (our group member)

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  • Team with highest score had 292 points
  • Team with lowest scores had 203 points
  • Assuming 300 is the best score a team can have, all teams scored over 68%
  • Top 5 teams received prizes since they scored above 90% (>=270 points)

Feedback from students :

  • 32 students filled out our survey form
  • Students gave us an average score of 5.4/7 when asked how comfortable our portal was to use and how easy it was to navigate through our website
  • We received an average score of 6/7 when asked if the step-by-step process was comprehensive and if the content on the site provides enough information about Trade Finance
  • 15 students gave us 7/7 on when asked if the portal would be a good supplement for learning purpose
  • When asked what they liked about the portal, most of them answered “pop ups giving us extra information” and “points systems”. Students also said “good way to teach us confusing concepts” and “makes difficult things easy to understand”
  • When asked where they do think we can improve upon, they answered “more background information required”, “more questions can be asked” and one student said “takes time to understand entire flow but the status bar of LC helped”

Below are some pictures from the lab session :

A3xy Xfactor lab.JPG