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Risk Management

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Risk Consequences Likelihood Impact Mitigation Strategy
Team is unfamiliar with technologies used. Project will be potentially delayed due to incorrect estimates. High High Team members will research and guide each others. Project manager will allocate more time to this task.
Delay in development due to downtime of server. Front-end and IBM BPM implementation not possible if the server is down. Low High Coordinate with the client on a regular basis to modify the schedule if required.
Failure to factor in minor coding tasks due to lack of experience. Project will be potentially delayed as these minor tasks need to be performed. Medium Medium PM has to work closely with the Back-End and front-end lead developers and bridge the gap between business process and technical components.

Technical Complexities

Feature Involved Description of Technical Complexity What is to be achieved as the end result
Web service calling from BPM. Use of SOAP request message and IBM BPM mapping to make web services call from IBM BPM. BPM can access data from the database only through web services in order to read a Letter of Credit, uploaded documents and other data.
Exposing web service through BPM. Use of undercover agent feature of IBM BPM. This is used in order to trigger the BPM process by a web service call or any action from the front-end portal.
Messaging standard web services between banks. Use of Gateway that supports both SWIFT and ISO standards. Banks have different standards for sending messages across each other. The gateway is used for sending advise and acknowledgement messages from one bank to the other.