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We are using two Servers for our Deployment:

1. smu.tbankonline.com

This is the SMU Server we use, allocated to tBank and this is where we deploy our processes, services and portal for now and where we test all our functionalities. We use this as our Development Server.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This is the public server where our final deployment will take place after we complete our project. This is the server through which the Ngee Ann Polytechnic students will access our Portal and get hands-on experience with Trade Finance. We use this as our Public Server.


We use a Remote Desktop Connection to connect to the SMU Server allocated to tBank.

To deploy the webservices on the server we used TIBCO Administrator

  • Where we exposed the projects as EAR files from our local machines and after uploading them into the server configured it to run on the server.

We have also successfully installed IBM BPM on the server

  • This wasn't a simple process, as IBM BPM is not easy to install.
  • It is not a very well documented software.
  • After having done that, we would locally take a snapshot of the updated process on our local machine and import it into the BPM Process Center on the development server.

To deploy our Trade Finance Portal

  • We had to export the WAR file from our local machine and paste the file in the deployment folder, which has Tomcat configured to listen to it and updates the Portal as we delete the old file and upload the new one.

We can run the test cases successfully from the server.