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Roles and Responsibilities WP SubPlane.png Stakeholders

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Project Manager: Pooja Tulsyan



  • Plan project schedule and timeline
  • Schedule internal meetings and client meetings
  • Take quick decisions related to project plan in case of an emergency
  • Document all meetings
  • Keep track of progress of team
  • Allocate tasks to team members
  • Maintain team morale and work ethics

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to take charge of responsibilities
  • Learn to manage and take decisions
  • Learn to meet deadlines

Front-end Developer: Aditya Jain

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  • Learn to document role based requirements and deliverables for different functionalities
  • Learn the methodological approach of iterative UX improvement
  • Learn new technologies and improve on communication skills

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn usages of new technologies and improve on communication skills
  • Learn to change the UX according to client demands and translate it into technical requirements.
  • Learn to document role based requirements and deliverables for different functionalities

Front-end Developer: Yashraj Jalota



  • Design the user interface and functionalities on the portal
  • Make sure that the interface is consist with the interface of the existing SMU tBank application
  • Taking into consideration the specifications of the client in terms of the look of the application

Learning Outcomes

  • Ensuring the delivery of all technical aspects of the frontend
  • Learn additional functionalities of stencil.js
  • Learn new integration technologies and experience new development environments

Back-end Developer: Akshat Agarwal



  • Building the business process on IBM BPM
  • Integrate the process with the web services built
  • Integrate the process to the front end application

Learning Outcomes

  • Better time management and balance all the work commitments
  • Revisit learning outcomes from the Enterprise Integration module
  • Learn useful tools like IBM BPM and SOAP UI
  • Better coordination of work with other team mates

Back-end Developer: Akshita Dhandhania



  • Design, build and manage the application's database and ensure smooth flow of data
  • Work closely with Lead Developer in translating business requirements into technical deliverables
  • Oversee all technical documentation
  • Work closely with QA Analyst to implement, configure and test feasible solutions

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn new technologies within a short period and broaden knowledge in the various development tools
  • Deliver all technical aspects such as database, technical diagram and system functionalities
  • Improve time management skills and logical thinking

Quality Assurance: Aayush Garg



  • Making sure that the application is robust
  • Ensuring that the test cases are exhaustive and that the testing is done carefully
  • Informing the PM of the outcome of the test and the bugs forund

Learning Outcomes

  • Ensuring delivery of a product created to the best of our abilities
  • Following a methodological approach to ensure high quality of product
  • Conducting effective testing and gathering quality feedback
  • Learning new technologies
  • Learning to aim for high quality but being realistic at the same time