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  • Location: Clearvision @ 6 Nutmeg Road
  • Date: 23 August 2015 (Saturday)
  • Time: 10:00am


  • Verify that functionalities built are in line with user requirements
  • Determine if the user interface is intuitive
  • Gather feedback on current functionalities
  • Identify usability problems


  • Number of participants: 3
  • Roles of participants: Optometrist, admin clerk and marketing team member

Photo 2015-08-23 13-51-48.jpg Photo 2015-08-23 13-52-44.jpg Photo 2015-08-23 13-51-59.jpg Photo 2015-08-23 13-52-22.jpg


  • Each of the users was given a list of tasks to complete. Click here to download tasklist.
  • After completing all the tasks, users are given a survey questionnaire to complete.

Survey Results

Collated Task Score

# Task Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3 Overall Mean Remark
1 Login 5 5 5 5 Nil
2 View appointments on calendar 5 5 5 5 Nil
3 Navigate calendar (Day/Week/Month) 5 5 5 5 Nil
4 Filter appointments 4 5 4 4.33 Nil
5 Create an appointment 5 5 4 4.67 Nil
6 Search for an appointment 5 5 4 4.67 Nil
7 Edit an appointment (Same Appointment Type) 5 5 4 4.67 Nil
8 Edit an appointment (Different Appointment Type) 5 5 4 4.67 Nil
9 Delete an appointment (With more than 1 patient) 5 3 5 4.33 Add pop-up to confirm deletion
10 Delete an appointment (With 1 patient) 5 3 5 4.33 Add pop-up to confirm deletion
11 Add an appointment + on waiting list 4 5 3 4 Nil
12 View waiting list 5 5 3 4.33 Nil
13 Delete an appointment 5 5 4 4.67 Nil
14 View waiting list and make the swap 5 4 3 4 Nil
4Sight TaskUsabilityScore.JPG

4Sight TaskUsabilityScore Mean.JPG

Collated Feedback Score

# Comments on the application Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3 Overall Mean
1 The application is easy to use 5 5 4 4.67
2 The user interface is intuitive 4 5 4 4.33
2 The color scheme is appropriate 5 5 4 4.67

4Sight UserTestingFeedbackScore.JPG 4Sight UserTestingFeedbackMeanScore.JPG

# Comments on features of application Collated feedback
1 Heatmap color coding of heatmap is good.
Prefer if timing is available.
Current layout of application is good.
Do not need to enable iSchedule on main calendar page
2 Suggested timings Allow for customization of suggested timings
3 Swapping of appointments Very simple to use.
This feature is very useful as they do KIV patient's preferred time slot now. However, there are often negligence on the front desk staff and patient's request is often not followed up with a reply on any possibilities of a swap.
4 Any areas of improvement? Include export function for graph
Show appointment type in search results
Check for international number as we do have patients from abroad
Refresh waiting list page on swap
5 Any thing you will like to see in the application? Overall list of patients and if they came for the appointment (appointment log)
Blocking of time slots on calendar. This will be useful as it will prevent staff from making an appointment on days when doctors are on leave/ MC
Allow for adding of more doctors to calendar view
Is it possible to click on a time slot in the calendar and it will open the drawer with the create new appointment form, without me having to click on the create new appointment button and choosing the date and time
Drag and drop feature for appointments. eg: editing

Include UI to manually input marketing expenditure for analytics dashboard
Add another appointment type called eyecare/ miscellaneous for general eye checkup etc.

User Study Summary

  • Overall, users find the application easy to user, intuitive to perform an appointment booking
  • Usability scores did not vary drastically from user to user
  • In general, users are satisfied with most functions, except for a few
  • User feedback for important features are fairly useful

User Study Takeaways

  • A consistency in usability for different users. Consider that different users have different functions to perform in their day-to-day operation.
  • With users' feedback, we identified areas of improvement on these functions. Eg. Include user confirmation upon deleting an appointment
  • Allow us to evaluate the usefulness of these features. Consideration on improvising the features and removing features that are redundant to users. Eg. Form for marketing expenditure. Most feedback has been accounted for in our implementation plan, which will then be confirmed into subsequent development.