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We conducted our third user testing session with 10 participants (3 administrators, 5 participants and 2 teachers) on 20th October 2014. The main focus of this user testing is to conduct the usability testing on our web application. Our goal is to identify any usability problems, collect qualitative and quantitative data and determine the user's satisfaction with our web application. Apart from that, our sponsor, Project Skillseed Team, also provided many valuable ideas and opinions towards our web application.

Note: Through the feedbacks that we received from User Testing Session 2, the users prefer scenario-based instructions rather than task-based instructions. Hence we decided to continue crafting task scenario for users to test our web application.

Physical User Testing: 20th October 2014
Remote User Testing: 20th October to 25th October 2014


View our Informed Consent Form here: Informed Consent Form
View our Pre-Survey here: Pre-Survey
View our Post-Survey for Participant here: Post-Survey (Participant)
View our Post-Survey for Administrator here: Post-Survey (Administrator)
View our Post-Survey for Teacher here: Post-Survey (Teacher)

Survey Results

The followings are collated test results we obtained from our third user testing.



Qualitative Data

Here are some of the qualitative data that we gathered:

• "New interface for creating a form is good"
• "Amazing with reuse documents"
• "Exporting the document is awesome"

Things to Improve:
• The columns for export documents are better organized.
• Improve the interface for application and programme page