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We conducted our first user testing session with 13 participants (4 from Project Skillseed Team) on 5th August 2014. The main focus of this user testing is the user interface and user experience. Upon our observation, we take into account of each participant's feedback and suggestions. Our team gain knowledge of implementing intuitive system design to provide better user experience. Our Sponsor, Project Skillseed Team, also provided many useful ideas and shared how they feel with our current system. Please check the detail observation note to find out what our Sponsor has shared during this user testing session.

Note: Since this is the very first user testing, there is room for improvement in our survey questions and user instructions (e.g. using scale questions). For future sessions, we will prepare in advanced to produce better survey questions and clear user instructions.

Physical User Testing: 5th August 2014
Remote User Testing: 6th August to 13th August 2014


View our observation note here: |Observation Note
View our task sheets here: Task Sheets Folder
View our Pre-Survey here: Pre-Survey
View our Post-Survey here: Post-Survey

Survey Results

The followings are collated test results we obtained from our first user testing.