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Team Epsilon Timeline V4.png
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Timeline Version #3
Timeline Table Version #3
Timeline Version #2
Timeline Table Version #2
Timeline Version #1

User Stories, Critical Path and Acceptance Criteria

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Stories Critical Criteria 02 Epsilon.png

Stories Critical Criteria 03 Epsilon.png

V3 Stories Critical Criteria 04 Epsilon.png

User Stories Release 3 Version 2
User Stories Release 3 Version 1


The following functions are dropped:

  1. Proximity Sorting
  2. Export Report
  3. Admin Log

The following functions are added as per recommendation by our supervisor and end-users feedback from UT3:

  1. Feedback Search
  2. Feedback Sorting
  3. User Ranking


After Acceptance, our sponsor requested the additional functions of Edit Agency and Audit Log.

After discussion, the team has decided to schedule it under iteration 7 as non-core functions, where we will attempt to complete as much functions as possible within the given time frame.