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Story Burn Up Chart

Story Burn Up Chart Epsilon.png

This burn up chart tracks how much work has been completed and the total amount of work done by the team.

For story points breakdown per iteration, please check out our User Stories, Critical Path and Acceptance Criteria section after the project timeline.

For more information, please check out our Methodology section.

Schedule Metrics

Absolute Days Delayed

Absolute Days Delayed Epsilon Final.png

If stories cannot be completed on time, they will either be:

  • scheduled to be done in the next iteration (timebox) OR
  • be developed by extending the current iteration

The decision will be based on the progress of the story as well as if there are any milestones that need to be met.

Epsilon Final Absolute Days Delayed.png

Schedule Index

Schedule Index Epsilon.png

Schedule Index Guide

Schedule Index Guide Epsilon.png

Schedule Index Chart

Schedule Index Chart Epsilon Final.png

Effort Metrics

Epsilon Effort Metric Final.png

Bug Metrics

Severity Description
Low Impact
(1 point)
Unimportant. Typo error or small user interface alignment issues.
High Impact
(5 points)
The system runs. However, some non-critical functionalities are not working.
Critical Impact
(10 points)
The system is down or is un-usable after a short period of time. We have to fix the bugs to continue.
Bug Points* Action
< 10 Use the planned debugging time in the iteration.
>= 10 Stop current development and resolve the bugs immediately. Project Manager reschedules the project.

* Bug Points = (# Low Impact Bugs) + 5(# High Impact Bugs) + 10(# Critical Impact Bugs)

Epsilon Final Bug Metric.png

Change Log

Check out our latest Change Log here.

Epsilon Midterm Change Metric.png

Product Backlog

Check out our latest Product Backlog here.