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Project Overview

Team One Piece will develop an online Training Portal for BP Singapore to help corporate trainers at BP conduct online training sessions. Trainers will be able to upload training slides and create quizzes based on the content which will be stored for the trainees to learn and consume. Trainers will also have access to see which employees have not taken their quizzes in the stipulated time and will be given the provision to send an email to the employees that default.
Currently, BP uses a classroom based training model to educate and train their employees on various topics. This model, although effective in teaching, faces several problems including management of schedule conflicts for all trainees, need for teleconferencing in case employees are overseas, and a general lack of training material repository. It is integral that these issues are resolved and training content is effectively presented to the trainees. Team One Piece is developing the Training Portal to do just that! Trainees will have the opportunity to take the courses at their own convenience. The system will eliminate the problems to the maximum possibility and give the Trainers the ability to manage various training related concerns.
Deliverable Scope
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