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Calculated Score


Schedule Management

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Iteration 6 This iteration is delayed by 3 days due to two members' laptop breakdown one after another.

Iteration 7 This iteration is delayed by 4 days.
1. Careless mistake of commit files to GitHub.
Action: Research the way to resolve the cause and reallocate the time to improve.
2. Inefficiency of the way we utilize Hibernate framework causes issues in integration.
Action: We had a urgent group meeting to find out the main cause and have clearer standard procedure of using GitHub.

Bug Management


Iteration 7

  • After conducting UATs with SMU students and BP, we have found out a few major bugs (medium severity) as well as many usability issue bugs. Hence, iteration 7 bug metric score is the highest among all.
  • The team is allocating more time during the expanded days of iteration 7 to debug and improve the UIs before proceeding with the new functionality.

Iteration 10

  • We had UAT with real clients, BP, to observe our functionality as well as usability for text editor and statistic analysis module. After conducting UAT, we have identified UI and usability minor issues. Hence, the number of low severity level bugs are the highest in this 11 iterations. Since we have completed all functionality of the scope, we are allocating adequate amount of time to solve UI bugs to improve usability of the system.

GitHub Repository


This graph shows our team commit frequency from the initial development stage until now. (June - November)


This picture portrays the behavior of our code committing time per week in general.