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X Factor

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Fraudulent Claim Detection

  • The implementation of K Nearest Neighbour (kNN) algorithm enables the system to detect potentially fraudulent claims.
  • In the event of a potentially fraudulent claim, the system will automatically send an email to the system administrator, alerting him to the claim.
  • This enables the quick detection of anomalies and potential acts of dishonesty in employees.
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Early Live Deployment & Usage Tracking

  • We deployed the modules of Claim, Leave and System Administration to our client on 19 February (Before Mid Terms)
  • System usage was tracked and data was collected in the form of heat maps and session activity.
  • By deploying to our client server incrementally, we are able to tailor our solution more effective to support our client's operational needs.
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Highly Configurable Controls

  • Our system can adapt to changes rapidly by configuring the application controls
  • These changes could include changes in CPF policies for workers, change in the default number of leave given and the calculation for the annual salary increment amount