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Our motivation came about during the planning phase of our Final Year Project(FYP), we wanted to do something different yet beneficial and making a difference to our daily lives. Throughout the process of planning, we encountered the problem of scheduling for our own FYP meeting as many of us have varying schedules. This caused it to be a pain to coordinate meetings. This was unknowing the start of our idea -- Schedulous. Finding a way to schedule people to allow them to meet up with different people without having the pain of coordinating meetings.

Market Survey

In order to test out the feasibility of our concept, we conducted a market survey on Qualtrics to learn more about the user's needs. We asked questions about their frustrations and problems when organizing meetings between their friends, and what are some of the applications they use to schedule meetings.
Click here to view our Qualtrics Market Survey
Click here to download our Market Survey Collated Results

Target audience:SMU students of age group ranging from 18-24

Market Research Times of meeting.png Market Research Times of meeting %.png

Our objective for the survey was to find out the statistics of people organizing meetups as their frustrations they have while using different applications to organize their meetups.

Below are some of the highlighted problems faced by users:


We also asked the surveyors to rank different applications accordingly to the frequency that they use it to organize meetings.
In addition, we drilled in on every single application and gathered their opinions on each application.

Before we ended the survey, we asked the surveyors to suggest functions that they think would be beneficial for the progress of organizing events.

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