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Bug Metrics

The main objective of our Bug Metrics is to keep track of the number of bugs occurring during the progress of our project development.
This is to ensure that the quality of software development is constantly being maintained as no bugs should remain resolve in the process.
Our team records the bugs present during functional and user testing conducted at the end of every iteration.
For every bug, the team responsible in fixing it will then update the document recording the bugs once the bug is resolved.

View our Bug Metric Documentation here!
Click here to view our Bug Metrics Tracking Progress as of Midterm



Schedule Metrics

The main objective of the schedule metrics is to keep track of the team's project development and progress.
We aim to keep within the optimal range of 0.8-1.2 where everything is proceeding as planned.
The project schedule will be planned by the project manager and discussed with the team should there be any changes to it.
The schedule metrics is measured at the end of each iteration.

Click here to view our Schedule Metrics Tracking Progress as of Midterm


Wellness Metrics

This Wellness Metric is a newly added metric on 6 October 2013, after the team's agreement.
The main objective of this wellness metrics is to measure the well-being of an individual which is also defined as the state of being happy, healthy or prosperous.

As the project phase is within the school's semester, there is increasing pressure on individuals to cope with the existing workload of their modules as well as with FYP. This has in turn cause many members to fall sick one after another. At this stage, support and motivation from each other is very important to ensure the morale of the team is high.

A series of question will be asked by the project manager before the start of every meeting on the following categories:

  1. Happiness
  2. Health
  3. Motivation

The project manager will then evaluate the score and take action as accordingly to the table below as mentioned below.

Click here to view our Wellness Metrics Documentation
Click here to view our Bug Metrics Tracking Progress as of Midterm


Decision Making Metrics

As we are a self-proposed team we are required to evaluate and make decision on our own. This is especially critical as we have various stakeholders to address.
Some of the stakeholders includes our supervisor, mentor as well as users.

Throughout the course of our project, we are continuously improving, taking advice and suggestions from our various stakeholders.
However due to the time constraints, it is crucial for us to evaluate the decisions that we are required to make so as to enhance our user experience as well as remaining on schedule.

Our team has then come up with a decision making metric to aid and assist us in making of important decision for improvement of our project.

Click here to view our Decision Making Metrics Tracking Progress as of Midterm