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Project Progress Status

CodeFather time.png Current Iteration: 10

  • Till date of 14 April 2014, we have completed 100% of our project
  • 2 User & Vendor Requirement Validation Tests for Mobile & Web application was conducted
  • 3 User Tests for Mobile & Web application was conducted, 1 of which is the load testing of our server
  • We have secured a total of 4 Vendors on board Schedulous in a period of 2 weeks, actively posting promotions for SMU Students.
  • Current number of users on Schedulous: 200

Completed Functions

Web Application (Core functions)

Mobile Application (Core functions)

CodeFather Group Button.pngFacebook Login

CodeFather Group Button.pngExtracting Vendor's Facebook Pages

CodeFather Group Button.pngCRUD Vendor Company Details

CodeFather Group Button.pngCRUD Vendor Promotions

CodeFather Group Button.pngVendor Stream

CodeFather Group Button.pngView Chat for Web Users

CodeFather Group Button.pngChat with Group for Web Users

CodeFather Group Button.pngView Event for Web Users

CodeFather Group Button.pngUpdate Availability for Web Users

CodeFather Group Button.pngNotifications

CodeFather Group Button.pngFacebook Login

CodeFather Group Button.pngCreate Chat (Individual/Group)

CodeFather Group Button.pngCreate Event

CodeFather Group Button.pngView Calendar

CodeFather Group Button.pngEvent Scheduling

CodeFather Group Button.pngView Notifications

CodeFather Group Button.pngVendor Stream

Mobile Application (Secondary functions)

CodeFather Group Button.pngShare Vendor Events in Group

CodeFather Group Button.pngInvite friends

CodeFather Group Button.pngSMU Calendar

Project Highlights

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 1.01.53 am.png

Choosing the right platform

Initially, during the start of our project we encountered a problem that little Final Year Project (FYP) Groups faced, that is the defining of our own idea as well as scope and evidently, the right platform to choose. We conducted field surveys to establish the market share of smartphone brands within Singapore Management University (SMU) students. As well as through evaluating the other factors such that our team were more inclined in java coding, we have decided to choose development on Android as it has the larger share of the market in SMU. However with this, as we wanted our application to be able to capture all markets, as well as providing a platform that allows easy access to our application without the obligation and need to download it on google play, this has in turn allowed us to made the decision to create a web platform. Users would then be able to use the web platform to chat as well as fill up their availability which is essential within Schedulous. This would also ensure a wider audience and coverage for our application.

Collaboration with Vendors

Being a self proposed project, we wanted to create a business value for our application. As Schedulous is a social meeting application that allows people to organize their meetings, our team has decided to leverage on this point to secure as many vendors as we want to increase the business value of our application. However due to the limited resources as well as the timeframe of the FYP, we have then decided to select a representative group of users with close proximity with SMU thereby posting promotions on our application. This would then allow us to evaluate the business suitability of our application in the corporate world. In addition, as mentioned in the midterms, we have also gotten a vendor validation from EventClique, social ticketing gateway that would like to integrate as well as provide white labels for our application. However weighing our options and resources in our decision metrics, we had to have a fully functional application before integration, hence we decided to focus more on the development of a usable application.

Click to view our Vendor Testing here!

Marketing Strategy

We have highlighted PR Marketing as our main strategy inviting 1st degree friends as beta tester for our application. As Schedulous has a in-build marketing mechanism which is having the users to invite their friends so as to organize a meeting, it would in turn promote a viral effect to get more 2nd degree friends on board the application. We have since conducted a user testing highlighting the effectiveness of our PR Marketing in achieving our goal of 200 users as well as a retention rate of 20%. In addition, in order to make our application attractive to SMU students, we have incorporate a function which is the syncing of a student's SMU timetable into the calendar allowing users to know their occupied timeslots more clearly allowing them to plan meetings more effectively.

Click to view the effectiveness of our PR marketing here!