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The CodeFather

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Timeline and upcoming events

CodeFather Documentation icon.png 6 Sept 2013: Submit Proposal for review

CodeFather Group Button.png 9 Sept 2013: Securing of Mentor Presentation

CodeFather Documentation icon.png 6 Sept 2013: Submit IS480: Project Proposal

CodeFather Group Button.png 4 Nov 2013: IS480:Project Acceptance Presentation

CodeFather phone.png 27 Jan - 29 Jan 2014: User Testing 1

CodeFather Group Button.png 24 Feb 2014: IS 480: Midterm Presentation

CodeFather phone.png 17 Mar - 19 Mar 2014: User Testing 2

CodeFather Documentation icon.png31 Mar 2014: Poster Submission

CodeFather phone.png 1 Apr - 4 Apr 2014: User Testing 3

CodeFather Group Button.png 14 Apr - 22 Apr 2014: IS 480: Final Presentation

CodeFather Group Button.png 25 Apr 2014: IS 480: Poster Day

Important Updates

CodeFather time.png Current Iteration: 7

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