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Project Progress Summary

S/N Description Link
1 Proposal Download
2 Presentation Slides Download
3 Poster Download

Project Timeline


Project Highlights

Iteration Date Features Description Action
4 6/11/2013 Task Management Lien Centre mentioned that they would not need this feature Feature removed on 6/11/2013
4 7/11/2013 - 14/7/2013 Create Event - Remove Event Team members were too busy with school work and exams Features postponed to Iteration 6
7 3/12/2013 Name Card Reader Lien Centre brought up a new idea, hoping to be included into our scope. We evaluated the complexity of the feature Feature to be put on hold
7 12/12/2013 -- Openshift problem. Deployed URL was down quite often Resolved by redeploying after several attempts
8 31/12/2013 Email - Survey Features could not be completed as most of the team members were overseas Features rescheduled to later iterations
9 28/1/2014 Email - Feedback Technology errors, hinders progress of the new features.Email unable to send and survey cant be customised. PM decided to exclude both features for User Testing 1
9 28/1/2014 Name Card Reader Tagging Lien Centre proposed this feature again, hoping to include this feature in our project scope. Lien Centre proposed another feature, tagging After consideration and consulting supervisor, PM decided to drop Publicity (Facebook + Twitter) feature, and accepted the 2 new features. Rescheduled
10 4/2/2014 User Interface "After User Testing 1, we discovered a lot of problems with our interface We decided to do a UI revamp. Rescheduled to have iteration 11 focused on UI revamp and integration, in preparation for mid terms
12 21/2/2014 Namecard Reader As advised from reviewers on Mid Terms Presentation, and further discussion with supervisor, this feature is dropped for better focus on other features. Feature dropped.
12 21/2/2014 Tagging As advised from reviewers on Mid Terms Presentation, and further discussion with supervisor, this feature is dropped for better focus on other features. Feature dropped
13 11/3/2014 User Testing 3 Team decided to plan for the large scale User Testing 3 upon advice from Midterm presentation on the first week of April instead of end of March as planned as we felt that we are not ready with our development for this thorough User Testing. User Testing 3 postponed to first week of April
13 26/3/2013 Analytics "Upon discussing with the client, team has decided to place emphasis on the dashboard and analytics, improved the catering of needs to our client Detailed discussion and concise plan with the client and team to understand their needs and concluding the usefulness of analytics and what is required.
13 28/3/2013 User Testing 2 Team decided to conduct a small testing with other people, to foresee the problems that might occur or bugs that are unidentified before the large scale User Testing 3 We found a few friends to do the testing, and did an internal review.
14 4/4/2014 User Testing 3 A large scale User Testing, involving all our users, from Lien Centre staff to our friends, to facilitate the whole procedure of managing an event, from Registration to Analytical Summary, to gather feedback for the usage of the system LIVE. User Testing 3 stretched over 8 days, with different activities taking place from first day to the last, ranging from creation of event with Lien Centre, Registration from public, doing survey and also event summary.

Project Management

Project Schedule

S/N Description Link
1 Schedule Project Schedule
Planned vs Actual

Changes to Scope

Iteration Features/Milestones Planned Actual Remarks
2 Export 4/10/2013 7/10/2013 Export feature could not work after deployment. Jason rectified it.
3 Generation of Graph 22/10/2013 24/10/2013 Graphical feature requires more research. All team members went to research on this feature.
4 Task Management 6/11/2013 - Feature dropped as client do not see the use of this feature.
4 Create/Remove Event 12/11/2013 10/12/2013 Features postponed to Iteration 6. Members could not commit as exams period and members overseas.
7 Contact Profile 19/12/2013 19/12/2013 New feature proposed by client.
7 Upload Photo 19/12/2013 19/12/2013 Feature proposed by Team to complement Contact Profile.
7 Create Account 19/12/2013 19/12/2013 Feature proposed by Team
8 Attendance Tracking 6/2/2014 6/2/2014 Feature proposed by client so that they can track attendance.
10 Structural Changes to UI 20/2/2014 20/2/2014 Decided within the Team after UT1 feedback
10 Publicity (Facebook + Twitter) 28/1/2013 - Feature dropped.
12 Name Card Reader 26/2/2014 - New feature proposed by client.
13 Tagging 11/3/2014 - New feature proposed by client.
13 Tagging 11/3/2014 - Feature dropped on advice from Mid Terms Presentation
12 Name Card Reader 26/2/2014 - Feature dropped on advice from Mid Terms Presentation
14 Analytics 2/4/2014 4/4/2014 To be elaborated and catered to client's needs, in replace for the dropped features

Project Metrics

Schedule Metric

Screenshot 2014-04-17 06.23.15.png

Schedule Metrics Formula:

Metrics Description
Scheduled Days Metric Actual No. of Days / Planned No. of Days

Actions Taken

Scheduled Days Metric Action
<= 0.9 Ahead of planned schedule as Tasks completed and time spent on tasks were used lesser than expected. Might want to allocate more tasks or lesser time in future iteration
0.9 > x >= 1.1 On schedule. Maintain the pace and monitor progress
> 1.1 Behind schedule. More time was spent on tasks. Reschedule to see if the features can be done in a shorter amount of time.

Bug Metric


Technical Complexity

1. Data Visualization

((Click on the image to enlarge))

Complexity Number1.png ComplexityNumber2.png


We are striving to provide a system with good quality of data and meaningful analysis in graph display to users.

  • Eliminate Data duplication in the database, ensure data accuracy & consistency
  • Provide visualisation display of data, data summary and analysis for decision-making.

2. Track Opening of Email

The flow of sending bulk email to contacts in our system is summarized in this graph.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 4.45.38 am.png

Points we took into consideration:
  • Customisable templates: System must allow users to choose and design, customise their own email template. It has to be flexible and interactive
  • Sending of bulk emails: Sending of one single email is easy, but sending of bulk emails to large number of receivers might be a problem.
  • Get through the spam filters: Nowadays, there are a lot of techniques that have been employed to prevent spam emails. It's getting harder and harder to get through these spam filters multiple automated techniques such as Server black-lists, reverse DNS checking, challenge-response etc.
To track if recipients actually open the email, we employed the following technique:

((Click on the image to enlarge))
ComplexityNumber4.png ComplexityNumber5.png
ComplexityNumber6.png ComplexityNumber7.png

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 6.18.23 am.png
How this technique works

1. To track an “open” in an HTML email, embed a tiny GIF at the bottom of the email message. This is the "tracker image"
2. When the recipient opens his or her email, this "tracker image" is downloaded from our server, and this download is then counted as an ‘open’.
3. After the image is already downloaded, dump it and exist the query
4. Call the Stats API to get the open details

Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Deliverable Link
Minutes *Click Here
Metrics *Click Here
Mock Up Prototypes *Click Here
Diagrams *Click Here
User Testing 1 *Click Here
Internal Testing To be updated
User Testing 2 To be updated


Description Link
Deployment Site Link Deployed link
Username jason
Password 123


User Testing 2

Description Information
Date 28 March 2014
No. of Users 4
User Testing 2 Execution Plan Download
User Testing 2 Instructions View
User Testing 2 Results View

User Testing 3

Description Information
Date 1 April - 8 April 2014
No. of Users 21
User Testing 3 Instructions for Lien Centre Download
User Testing 3 Questionaire for Lien Centre Download
User Testing 3 Instructions View
User Testing 3 Feedback Form View
User Testing 3 Results View

Results & Insights

Insights Gain From Clients

S/N Feedback/Observation
1 Login page should have a title and some explanatory sentences on what this application is about
2 Add Contact from File should have a frame, unlikely to have csv file to upload, mostly Excel only.
3 View surveys: there’s a bug – when I first clicked on it, I had to log on again
4 The sending email page took a bit long to load

Insights Gain From Other Testers

(click on the image to enlarge)

Q1.jpg Tappers Q2.jpg
Tappers Q3.jpg Tappers Q4.jpg
Tappers Q5.jpg Tappers Q6.jpg

S/N Process Insights
1 Registration Process Many participants had almost no problems filling up the Registration form, the terms used in the fields were clear and understandable.
2 Colour Scheme Being subjective, some participants find the colour abit too dull for their liking. Majority are okay with the colour scheme.
3 Survey Easy to use, process was fast.

Click here to view the raw data of our results!


Team Reflection

Team Reflection
The FYP Journey has been challenging for us. We all started out coming together as strangers, brainstorming for new ideas, visited a few project sponsors and ended up with Lien Centre for Social Innovations. It has been a pleasant working experience with Lien Centre for Social Innovation staffs, namely Jared, Shirley and Jenny. We were met with a fair share of problems, including last minute overseas commitments from some of us, exams and project's. Frequent changes to scope and clarifications to the project also leads us to late nights to complete the tasks to stay on schedule. Disagreements within the team were minimal but became apparent during the peak period of the semester when everyone were stressed out, however they were all resolved peacefully. Striving to do our best for the client and the project has managed to push each and everyone of us to our limits, understanding our own strengths and weaknesses. The team has developed friendships and felt a sense of fulfilment and acheievement at the end of the FYP Journey.

Individual Reflections

S/N Name Reflection
1 Kuek Xiu Hao My biggest takeaway from this FYP is that I have to learn how to be an independent thinker, and a good coordinator. Many changes took place in this journey, including member's unprecedented commitments, overseas trips and school commitments, as well as changes to project scope. It is important to be able to decide quickly on what's the next step and how to keep the team and project going. Consistent follow-ups with the team members and client are also very important attributes in this project to ensure project is working according to the timeline given. Perhaps I could have done better in communicating with the team members, as the main mode of communication is Whatsapp/Facebook outside of meetings, messages may have been misinterpreted and causing errors. I would have called them up or look for them personally outside meetings if there are urgent matters for the project if I have to do this again.
2 Phung Minh Thu Upon finishing FYP, I am more confident in working with large data. The project gave me an overview of how data in the real word would be, with many unmatched rows and columns, inconsistency in phrases and words. Data cleaning is time-consuming, yet I have learnt along the way how to make the progress more effective and efficient.

Being in a team, supporting each other team member is also crucial; I have improved my soft skills in working in a diverse team.

3 Nguyen Khac Thien Vu As the lead developer, I'd better look at the project as the whole, not into single details. Keeping the bird's eye-view helps me facilitate my time and effort, and not waste them into fixing small things every day.
4 Le Hoang Trinh Self-learning is important. There are skills and knowledge, especially regarding design tools and software, are not taught in school and I have to learn them myself. Because of time constraint, I have to train myself to be a fast learner to quickly pick up the necessary skills for the role.

In addition, I have learnt that collaboration is extremely important. There are different ideas and suggestions from supervisors, clients, project reviewers and also from other team members. I had to collaborate with not only other team members ourselves but also with clients and supervisors bring the ideas into action and to the real production.

5 Hannah Luai Apart from the usual time management and project coordinating, one biggest takeaway will be conducting user testing efficiently. When conducting user testing in big groups, it was important for us to ensure that all participants are clear of their roles and will give useful feedbacks. That aside, time management was extremely critical in this stretch of our project as we have many pressing datelines, while having to consistently work on the FYP. Through these, i was not only able to work more efficiently, but have also learnt to be more independent when doing the project