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Project Overview

Our team will be developing a Risk Management System in the form of a business intelligence dashboard for our client, SkyMap Global (SG). Our client’s vision is to create business value for its customers – insurance companies – through innovative products and solutions, and our team hopes to achieve this by providing them with a system that does the following:

  1. Convert geospatial data retrieved from data sources from SG and the customers to map layers and integrate them onto an interactive map.
  2. Perform comprehensive location intelligence analyses by developing various tools to analyze the geo-spatial data. These tools include:
  • Data visualization
  • Ineractive map
  • Location search
  • Filtering
  • Comparison
  • Risk calculation
  • Simulation

The tools will be arranged in an interactive drag and drop dashboard to enhance usability.

This application will help SG’s end users (insurance companies) gain more insights into their risks so that they can price their structure insurance premiums more appropriately. We aim to deliver an interactive and visually meaningful location intelligence solution that is not only a map, but also encompasses tools to aid customers in their understanding of data, predictive analysis and decision-making.


South East Asia's increasing predisposition to climatic calamities (i.e. floods, forest fires, and earthquakes) in recent years, and the subsequent losses (physical - homes, families, friends - and emotional - morale, willingness to live-) arising from the degrees of disruption, has given individuals a reason to increase their alertness and preparedness for such situations.

  1. Everybody lives in a climatically vulnerable zone, but what matters is each individual's level of risk within their particular zone.
  2. It's not easy for an individual to predict climatic changes, akin to weather prediciton. Don’t roll the dice.

SkyTeam AsiaMap.png
Figure 1: Map of the most vulnerable areas in South East Asia
Source: http://web.idrc.ca/uploads/user-S/12324196651Mapping_Report.pdf

In turn, this increasing demand for insurance coverage from individuals has given insurance companies opportunities to tap on for adding value to their business. Flood, fire and earthquake insurance is one of the effective ways to cope with the aftermaths of these unfortunate events. In the absence of an acceptable risk-based assessment framework, such insurance and its extensive benefits are not fully achieved yet.

As such, SkyTeam in partnership with SkyMap Global (SG) aims to provide insurance companies with a robust business intelligence platform to carry out their analyses and tackle the complexities of these climactic risks.

GeoIntel business intelligence dashboard attempts to illustrate their individual risk in an interactive fashion as no other website or application does.

Flood, fire and earthquake insurance may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. By applying our experience, and leveraging on new technology, we are motivated to create an informative experience that is clear, easy to understand and engaging; providing insurance companies with answers and solutions to their insurance needs.


Our Sponsor
Abhay Mittal, CEO of Skymap Global

Our Supervisor
Prof. David Lo