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About SkyTeam


Project Overview


Project Management


Project Documentation

Project Schedule Metrics Management Risk Management Meeting Minutes

Project Timeline

SkyTeam Timeline v6.png
Current Timeline

Previous Versions of the Timeline

Version 1 (Acceptance)
Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4 (Midterm)
Version 5

Project Schedule Changes

SkyTeam PM 1.png
SkyTeam PM 2.png
SkyTeam PM 3.png
SkyTeam PM 4.png
SkyTeam PM 5.png
SkyTeam PM 6.png
SkyTeam PM 7.png
SkyTeam PM 8.png
SkyTeam PM 9.png
SkyTeam PM 10.png

Note: Changes #1 to #3 were made before Midterm. Changes 4 & 5 were made after Midterm

Project Documentation

Project Schedule

v1.0 is here
v2.0 is here
v3.0 is here
v4.0 is here
v5.0 is here
Current version is here