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Project Description, Deliverables & Motivation

1) Create a flexible modular ERP system to aid in workflow

Currently, KMP Far East is using an outdated application that runs on the UNIX operating system with many redundant functions that are not used. New users will find it very hard to navigate around the system as the interface is confusing with a lot of unnecessary information peppered on each page. The ERP system serves to fulfill the requirements from users from the 4 departments, namely the sales/purchasing, admin/finance, warehouse and quality control. Every department will receive real-time updates and information the moment an employee inputs in the system. We aim to provide a clearly-defined UI that is easy for new and older employees to pick up.

2) Redesign database

KMP has a large inventory of 20,000 products. Following the end of a vehicle’s life cycle, some parts have to be used on other models instead. As such, product IDs are not properly tracked over the years as the matching of parts to the correct machines is often very disordered. Also, as their server is currently running on Linux OS, we will have to migrate the data and redesign the database in order to match our new ERP system. The database should also facilitate users in archiving and retrieving information on old and new products.

3) Redesign templates for documents and provide a user-friendly UI

Currently, the process of generating even a purchase order is very tedious and time-consuming as employees have to spend time realigning the document after exporting it from the UNIX system. We aim to provide a standardized template for documentations like purchase order, sales order, goods receiving list, quotations, picking/packing lists and quality checking reports, etc.

4) Smoother workflow and business processes

Our team aims to improve the communication and understanding not just within the company but among various stakeholders. Currently, a proper Quality Control process is lacking and by integrating this process into the ERP system, the company will be able to better monitor and track QC issues, thus giving them a better platform to further improve our relationships with all stakeholders involved.

Project Scope


List of Functions/Scope to be done
1) Purchase Order

  • Create Purchase Order
  • Edit Purchase Order
  • View Purchase Order
  • Delete Purchase Order
  • Send Purchase Order

2) Sale Order

  • Create Sales Order
  • Edit Sales Order
  • View Sales Order
  • Delete Sales Order

3) Quotation

  • Create Quotation
  • Edit Quotation
  • View Quotation
  • Delete Quotation
  • Send Quotation

4) Packing List

  • Create Packing list
  • Edit Packing List
  • View Packing List

5) PickingList

  • Create Picking List
  • Edit Picking List
  • View Picking List

6) Track Inventory

  • View Invetory
  • Add items
  • Remove items
  • Edit items
  • Generate report

Project Goals

Project Goals

  • Create a flexible modular ERP system to aid in workflow
  • System to monitor and manage suppliers and their delivery schedules
  • Monitor and track QC issues
  • Keep track of all legacy product IDs
  • Archive and retrieve information on old and current products
  • Implement CRM module
  • System able to churn out reports of business development data

Priority Circle


Version 2

Priority Circle 2



  • Revamp the whole system
  • Update obsolete technologies
  • Beautify the interfaces
  • Intelligent system
  • Xenophilia