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Risk Metrics

Version 1 of risk metrics

Version 2 of risk metrics

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The risk metrics is very important to the team and the project manager. The team will discuss the risks throughout the project especially at the begining of the project. The team will need to categorise the risk into A, B, or C. This is measured by the impact and likelihood of the risks happen. The more risks identified by the team, the better it is as each risk happened would cause the probability of the team failing and if the risk is identified earlier, the team would have a mitigation plan to mitigate the consequences of the risks. Below are the top 3 risks that our team thinks that is the most important, 2 out of 3 have been mitigated. These 3 risks are prioritised as the top 3 risks after the midterms. For more risks, please refer to the risk document.
OR risk metrics final.png